The future is coming. LIQUI MOLY is already there

E-mobility is on the advance around the globe. Electric vehicles are increasingly conquering the roads, particularly in Europe, the USA, and large parts of Asia. However, it is also a fact that the number of conventionally powered vehicles will remain far higher than that of vehicles with alternative drives in the coming decades. Nevertheless, we are intensively gearing ourselves up for the mobility revolution. The future will ultimately involve a mix of various drive concepts. No matter whether we’re talking about hybrid, plug-in hybrid, range extender or pure electric vehicles, lubricants, oils, additives, vehicle care as well as service, bonding and sealing products will still be needed to keep the vehicles looking good and performing well. As a full-range supplier, we have therefore been successively adapting and extending our product portfolio to these changes in mobility. The result: with over 4,000 articles, LIQUI MOLY has exactly the right solutions for all drives – around the globe!

Brochure about e-mobility