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Tested in the top class: LIQUI MOLY MOTORBIKE products in the MXGP


The highest demands require the best quality. That’s why the works team of the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Beta relies on LIQUI MOLY in the top offroad motorcycle class! We were there live to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at the technical tent during the race weekend.

Motorbike 4T Synth 10W-50 Offroad Race

All of the team’s bikes as well as all Betamotor machines ex works are filled with our high-performance oils.
  • Optimum lubrication under extreme operating conditions
  • High shear stability
  • High resistance to aging
  • Especially suitable for wet clutches
  • Guarantees low oil consumption
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness

In addition to the right lubricants, the team uses many more of our motorcycle products when it comes to preparing the machines for the race in the best possible way. However, it becomes particularly interesting when things have to move very quickly during the race.

For this reason, our reliable and fast-acting motorcycle care and service products are used in the technical tent at the track. For example, the bikes must be properly cleaned after each race and freed from the dirt of the racing track.

This is important to avoid carrying unnecessary ballast, but also to keep the mechanical parts including all cables, electrical contacts and contact surfaces in good condition and to be able to check their functionality. This is because possible damage to the fairing or mechanics is not visible under the dirt at first glance. So before the bike is allowed into the tent, it has to go through the wash box. Our Motorbike Cleaner is ideal for removing coarse contamination.

Of course, the team applies this in larger quantities after the bikes have to be washed several times a day. That’s why our Pump Spray Bottle is also used. It has a larger capacity and is more practical for frequent use.

The bike is then dried, oily and greasy dirt is cleaned off again with the fast-acting Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner and the bike is checked for any damage.

All parts are then impregnated with our Silicone Spray for care and protection. It also ensures that renewed soiling sticks less easily, making the bike easier to clean in the next pass.

The chain is oiled with Motorbike Chain Lube for flawless running properties, reduced friction and wear as well as corrosion protection.

The electronics are also checked, vehicle data read out and coordinated. If there are problems with contact between two connections, the Electronic Spray helps to clean contacts, displace moisture and reduce contact resistance.

These steps are part of the standard procedure and are carried out after each race. If damage is noticed during this inspection of the bike, it must of course be repaired.

In this case, defects are noticeable on the sprocket of the rear wheel. It must be replaced.

Our Screw Retainer Medium Strength is used to fix the new part in place. It prevents the bolts from coming loose due to the heavy loads and vibrations caused by uneven terrain.

Before the wheel is put back into the swing arm, the mounts are lubricated with the friction- and wear-reducing Long-Life Grease for easier assembly and long-term corrosion protection. It offers excellent lubrication and high-performance properties.

Shortly before it’s time to hit the track again, the final preparations follow. This also includes ensuring a clear view. To optimally clean the goggles of dirt from the track and ensure clear vision to the start of the next race, they are cleaned with the highly effective, quick and easy-to-use Visor Cleaner.

Of course, a lot of other work is done on the bike before and after the race weekend. Our LIQUI MOLY Motorbike range is used in many different cases, such as for maintenance, care and troubleshooting.

You too can rely on the quality of our products. Because they are not developed exclusively for motorsport teams, but also for regular road use. Put your trust in the best quality – after all, your motorcycle is worth it!

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