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Perfect radiator protection in winter


You should take care of your radiator, especially before driving to colder regions: Frost can cause problems in your vehicle’s cooling system. Maintenance of the cooling system is therefore a worthwhile investment. We’ll show you how to be perfectly prepared for all eventualities and get through all seasons safely with just three products. 

Why should you clean the radiator?

Deposits in the cooling/heating system create barriers and prevent proper heat exchange, blocking thermostatic valves and regulating mechanisms. Too high engine temperatures due to impaired cooling lead to uneconomical engine operation with a high risk of wear and damage.

Radiator Cleaner releases impurities containing lime and oil in radiators, heaters and lines and ensures optimum engine temperature and operating reliability.

  • Disperses the sludge
  • Neutral upon contact with rubber and plastics
  • Neutralizes acids
  • Compatible with antifreeze
  • Does not contain acids or alkalis
  • Chemical lime conversion
  • Eliminates oil and grease residues

Why and when do I need a radiator sealer?

Minor leaks caused by stone impacts, porous solder joints or hairline cracks in the cooling system that are not easy to locate cause coolant loss. You usually only notice the latter yourself.

Radiator Stop Leak immediately and completely seals such leaks. The active ingredients contained in Radiator Stop Leak migrate to the leaks and seal them permanently, thanks to the plastic particles contained in them. This protects the cooling water circuit from water loss and thus from expensive repairs. 

  • Compatible with commercially available coolant enhancers and antifreeze agents
  • No negative side effects on the water pump and heating circuit
  • For preventive use
  • Suitable for aluminum radiators
  • Permanently and reliably seals hairline cracks and minor leaks

Do you need to top up the coolant in winter?

If this is necessary, Coolant Ready Mix RAF 12+ or Coolant Ready Mix RAF 11 is the ideal solution. Because in winter there are special requirements for coolants due to very low temperatures.

The coolant offers excellent protection against overheating, corrosion and, especially dangerous in winter, freezing. This ensures dependable vehicle operation all year round. There is no need for the awkward mixing of coolant and water in the correct ratio: The radiator antifreeze is already mixed ready for use. Just pour it in and drive on. Note that the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers must be observed.

  • Protects the cooling system against freezing
  • Prevents malfunctions
  • Excellent for high-performance aluminum engines
  • Outstanding protection against overheating
  • Ready to use
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Exceptional cleaning effect
  • Free of amines, borates, nitrites, phosphates and silicates
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