• 09/06/2022

Preservation of value

#Vintage Cars

LIQUI MOLY continues to expand its range of car care products

Although LIQUI MOLY is known for its oils and additives, the company is also constantly expanding its range of car care products. “Here, too, we want to live up to our claim of being a full-range supplier of automotive chemicals,” says Managing Director Günter Hiermaier.

There are currently over 60 products: Whether for paint, chrome, glass, rubber, rims, tires, soft top, plastic, engine, leather or interior: LIQUI MOLY vehicle care products ensure that all vehicles are optimally cleaned, cared for and protected from the outside and inside.

 “They all serve not only to maintain the appearance, but also to preserve the value of the vehicle,” says Günter Hiermaier. “We offer a complete range of car care products that allow workshops to build up vehicle detailing as an additional business area.”

As extensive as the product range already is, it is being successively expanded. The latest additions are the Display Cleaner and the Detailer. The Detailer quick paint care is a universal talent that achieves a great deal with little effort. It seals smooth enamel for several weeks and adds shine. Water beads off treated surfaces and new dirt has a hard time spreading. This applies to smooth painted surfaces as well as smooth plastic surfaces, steel and aluminum rims. The Detailer can be used on both dry and wet surfaces.

The Display Cleaner is designed to remove fingerprints and dust from navigation systems, touchscreens and other sensitive surfaces where harsh cleaning agents can cause damage. It is also suitable for eyeglasses, camera lenses, helmet visors and most non-absorbent surfaces.

Furthermore, our Orange Terpene Cleaner was developed as a universally applicable power cleaner made from 100% renewable raw materials. Quickly and easily, it removes the most stubborn dirt such as oils, greases, silicone, waxes, tree resin, tar, bitumen, waterproof felt-tip pens or graffiti – thanks to its biodegradable solvents made from orange oil.

“The workshop can benefit twice from many of these products,” says Günter Hiermaier. “It can both use them internally and sell them to customers.”


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