• 09/12/2017

New record at LIQUI MOLY

Record in August: the oil and additive specialist cracks the 50 m euro mark for the first time in its monthly sales
September 2017 – Summer, sun, record value. In July there was a record heatwave in Germany and in August LIQUI MOLY set a sales record: 50 m euros. This month outshines every monthly result in the 60-year company history of the German oil and additive specialist. "To achieve such an outstanding result, particularly during the summer vacation period, is what is so remarkable," says Ernst Prost, CEO of LIQUI MOLY.

In March the company came close to sales of 50 m euros. It fell 800,000 euros short. But it was enough to set a record. Now even that has been consigned to history. The result itself is really a special one, but the conditions make it an exceptional one for the LIQUI MOLY boss. He expected a new record in the industry's classically strong times of year of spring and fall, but not in the usually quiet summer period. Of around 800 employees, almost a quarter was on vacation. "We are not just talking about more sales here, but about significantly more work and performance. After all, additional tasks and orders had to be recorded, produced, commissioned and loaded."

LIQUI MOLY has been growing for years. Over the past eight years sales have more than doubled. A development that could all too easily be taken for granted. But that is not the case. Ernst Prost continued: "We continuously try to top the records we have set. We have achieved this in August, the main vacation month, in the most impressive manner so far." 10 m euros more sales compared to the previous-year period and 20 percent growth. This record demands respect and he thanks all those involved. By comparison: the sales record this August is bigger than the annual sales of LIQUI MOLY 25 years ago. Now everyone is excited for the fall.