• 04/19/2022

LIQUI MOLY’s two-stroke oil for sports

2T Motor Oil Race Tec with FIA homologation for kart racing

Kart sport is considered to be an excellent training ground for young racing drivers. Some of the best drivers in the world earned their first sporting stripes on the go-kart. LIQUI MOLY has developed 2T Motor Oil Race Tec for top performance in two-stroke engines. The new oil has been approved by the FIA for use in karting.

Compared to motor oils for automobiles, lubricants for racing karts are a niche market. Not a market in which a lot of money can be earned. “But that’s not what we’re all about,” says Oliver Kuhn, Deputy Head of Lubricants at LIQUI MOLY. “Here we can demonstrate our technological competence.”

At the high revs of racing engines, conventional two-stroke oils quickly hit their performance limits. Inadequate lubrication can ruin the motor and in any case costs valuable seconds due to increased friction. 2T Motor Oil Race Tec was specially developed for racing. A special additive mixture gives it superior performance, so that the kart can deliver the full power of the engine to the track even under maximum load. The international motorsport organization FIA has officially approved the oil.

The range of applications for 2T Motor Oil Race Tec goes beyond kart racing. “Ultimately, this lubricant is for any two-stroke engine that must withstand extreme stresses, including scooters and motorcycles,” says the oil expert. The oil is ester-based and can be used with all types of fuel except methanol. It burns with almost no residue. This keeps the combustion chamber and piston free of deposits and impurities. An important aspect, as these would increase friction and thus reduce performance. “We want the drivers to show their full capabilities and not be slowed down by the wrong oil,” explains Oliver Kuhn.

Thanks to the blue coloring, the mixture is easy to recognize. 2T Motor Oil Race Tec is available in a 1-liter canister. It is equipped with a pull-out pouring tube. This means that no separate funnel is required for spill-free filling.