• 04/15/2019

"War is death – Peace is life"

Ernst Prost creates a third foundation to promote and preserve peace

April 2019 – "Give peace a chance" is the title of John Lennon's famous song. The aim of Ernst Prost's new foundation is not just to give peace a chance but to actively promote it: 'People for peace – Peace for people'. "Peace is a prerequisite for life, integrity and prosperity. And the opposite is true of war – it is the cause of death, misery, and pain, as well as displacement, destitution, and social and economic decline. Peace is non-political and non-partisan and makes no demands. Through this foundation I want to contribute to the promotion of peace internationally. The aim of the foundation is to promote peace-keeping and peace-making measures, activities and programs," says the founder. Ernst Prost has established the foundation with 1 million euro from his personal fortune.

"In principle the equation is a simple one. Peace means no war. No war means no weapons. No weapons means more money being made available to solve the world's really pressing problems," explains Ernst Prost. "Unfortunately, solving this equation is infinitely more difficult. With the 'People for peace – Peace for people' foundation I want to make a small contribution to bringing world peace nearer."

Ernst Prost has established the foundation with 1 million euro from his personal fortune. Its headquarters are in Leipheim and it will be run efficiently and effectively like the 'Ernst Prost Foundation' and the 'Ernst Prost Foundation for Africa'. The Foundation Board members are the founder, his son Benjamin Orschulik and Ernst Prost's partner Kerstin Thiele. All three work on a voluntary basis ensuring that the foundation's income is not taken up on unnecessary costs. No costs are incurred for personnel, rooms and leases either.

The 'People for peace – Peace for people' foundation exclusively and directly pursues nonprofit and charitable purposes. This includes promoting social welfare, training, education, science research, international understanding and development cooperation. More specifically this means supporting and implementing peace research projects and supporting institutions that are committed to peace research. The foundation's purpose will also be furthered through the awarding of grants and prizes for peace research projects, and for the creation of educational programs and publications that deal with war, peace and conflict management. "In reality our field of activity is much more widespread as there are so many opportunities to promote world peace. And unfortunately it very much needs promoting," explains the founder. For this reason the foundation also provides practical support for vulnerable populations in less developed countries, by means of financial help and other benefits, such as measures to ensure economic, cultural and social structure.

Ernst Prost is certain that life, integrity and prosperity can only flourish over the long-term in peaceful conditions. "Conversely, military conflicts and so-called peacekeeping operations use up billions and billions of euros," says Ernst Prost. Money that the world's population could use to provide access to clean drinking water, sufficient food and medical supplies. The money could also be used for serious environmental protection, modern infrastructure, creating healthy, satisfying jobs, affordable housing and dignified care for the sick and elderly.

Ernst Prost: "Peace is a complex term. The ultimate goal is world peace, but even in affluent societies likes ours, social peace is under threat. My third foundation is for promoting peace at every level; from local to international because peace knows no limits."

He has been dealing with the subject of peace for a good while. Last May he decided to support Hans Küng's World Ethos Foundation and has been on the Board of Trustees since then. "My personal interest in new cultures and my work as the CEO of international company LIQUI MOLY is such that I visit people all over the world and welcome them as guests to our company headquarters. This intercultural exchange is very enriching. When, for example, customers from the troubled Middle East come together at our trade fair stands it shows me that there are more things that unite people than divide them. And that is worth working for."

Bank details for the Ernst Prost Foundation

IBAN: DE92 3607 0050 0190 0570 00


Bank: Deutsche Bank

Please use the following as the payment reference: People for peace – Peace for people


Kerstin Thiele, member of the foundation board

Email: info@menschen-für-frieden.de

Internet:         ernst-prost-stiftung.de