• 05/14/2020

Free Oil Changes to Healthcare Professionals in Calgary

Aligned with LIQUI MOLY GmbH’s donation of more than three million euros in product, LIQUI MOLY USA is partnering with Canadian auto repair shops to provide oil changes to the healthcare community.

May 2020 – LIQUI MOLY is pleased to announce a partnership between its Canadian division and local automotive repair shops in the Canadian market, providing complimentary oil changes to the healthcare community to support their tireless work during this crisis.

LIQUI MOLY, a global motor oil and additive company based in Germany, has a history of being involved in its communities from motorsport to continued support and education for the many automotive shops providing its products.

“We are pleased to make a difference where and how we can,” explained LIQUI MOLY USA/Canada CEO, Sebastian Zelger. “These healthcare professionals are making significant sacrifices and commitments devoting countless hours and days to saving so many people’s lives. At the very least, hopefully this will relieve them of one stress that might encroach in their busy lives. The last thing we’d want is a devoted healthcare professional not able to make it to his or her responsibilities because of car trouble. An oil change—something statistically many will need during this crisis—can help avoid that.”

The average age of vehicles on the road today is around eleven years. Many of these cars require oil changes every 8,000 kilometers. The average Canadian drives approximately 15,000 kilometers each year, suggesting an oil change required every six months. Unless a driver got his or her oil changed the first two months of the year, chances are they will need one during this pandemic.

"We have felt fortunate over the years to have been given the opportunity to operate our business in the city of Calgary. The community has supported our business through the good times and bad,” said Zuhair Janmohamed of Sheni’s Auto Trend, one of the shops partnering with LIQUI MOLY.  “At a time like this, it gives us great pride to be able to give something back. Our local health care workers have given so much to our community. We are happy to thank them with these complimentary services."  

Healthcare professionals have already begun taking advantage of this program at participating shops. Alberta Asian Motorworks has already provided more than 40 free oil changes for health care workers in the Red Deer area, including to Ashlee in Red Deer. “I can’t possibly say enough about Mike and the team at Alberta Aisan Motorworks. It means so much that they have reached out to healthcare workers during such a trying and stressful time. Because of this program, we don’t need to worry about our vehicles and can better care for the patients of central Alberta during this COVID-19 pandemic. They really make us all feel valued."

Another customer added, “This took enourmous stress off knowing it was going to be done right and allowed me to concentrate on everything going on at Red Deer Regional Hospital."

The four participating shops are Alberta Asian Motorworks, Alberta European Motorworks, German Car Specialist, and Sheni’s Auto Trend. To take advantage of this program, employees at local hospitals should call and schedule an appointment at the shops supporting them. Upon presenting their employee ID, they would get a free LIQUI MOLY oil service while supplies last.