• 03/15/2018

Danvolt to sell LIQUI MOLY products

UK dealer to sell oils, additives and care products for boats
March 2018 – LIQUI MOLY launched its new marine product line just over two years ago. This range from the engine oil and additive specialist is now coming to the UK, too. From now on it will be available from Danvolt Ltd, based near Portsmouth. "This will enable boat owners to make their engines more reliable, cut costs on repairs and maintain the value of their boats," says Ibrahim Memis, Export Area Manager with LIQUI MOLY and responsible for trade in the UK.

LIQUI MOLY has its roots in the automotive trade, having gained more than 60 years of experience in protecting engines and maintaining performance. This experience is now fed into the development of dedicated marine products. David Ballantyne, Managing Director of Danvolt: "LIQUI MOLY has been a powerful brand in the automotive sector for decades. Our aim now is to continue and extend this success on to the water. These high-quality products really complement our existing marine portfolio and we look forward to joint promotions at the major shows and events this year". Different requirements apply to boat engines as compared to car engines, including lengthy periods of inactivity, continuous idling, problems with diesel clogging and the salt water environment. This is why engine oils and additives have been developed specially for use on the water. "In this way we ensure the technology works more reliably, as well as avoiding unnecessary repairs", says Ibrahim Memis. In addition to additives and engine oils, LIQUI MOLY also offers transmission oils, greases, care products and service products for boats. From now on, Danvolt will be distributing the complete LIQUI MOLY marine range to chandlers throughout the UK, Eire and Malta. "We are very pleased to have found a powerful dealer in Danvolt," says Ibrahim Memis.