• 02/17/2021

Best brand 2021: LIQUI MOLY number 1 again

Readers of the German car magazine "Auto Zeitung" vote the lubricant company as winner for the eleventh time in a row

LIQUI MOLY has a loyal fan base. When asked about their most popular motor oil, the readers of the German car magazine "Auto Zeitung" voted for the German lubricant manufacturer. The result: Top brand 2021 and title number eleven in a row.

Going into the competition as last year's most popular lubricant, LIQUI MOLY kept well ahead of the other competitors again this year in the "Auto Zeitung" readers' vote. The art of starting and finishing a race in pole position is known in racing as a start-to-finish victory. "This requires strong nerves, discipline, skills and a lot of fighting spirit. We prove we have what it takes year in, year out, even under the most difficult conditions, as the past months have shown," says Managing Director Ernst Prost. In Formula 1, the difference between good and bad drivers is the ability to compete at a consistently high performance level. The same applies to lubricant manufacturers. For decades, the company has been offering the highest quality made in Germany.

Ernst Prost sees another parallel to motorsports: The driver can be as talented and ambitious as it gets but if the team around him only gives an average performance, the chances of victory drop considerably. "Success is never a one-man show. We are only successful because we all pull together at LIQUI MOLY." This teamwork is essential in exceptional situations such as the current pandemic. "Our company size and our friendly and helpful dealings with each other make it possible to adapt to the respective situation in no time at all." This was demonstrated by the comprehensive measures we took at the very beginning of the crisis. For example, we switched to home office within one day in all possible areas – and it went virtually without a hitch.

In addition, the medium-sized company is primarily a socially responsible enterprise. For example, every employee received a coronavirus bonus of 1,500 euros, the managing director waived his salary and, with a product donation campaign of more than 5.5 million euros for fire brigades, hospitals, rescue services, "meals on wheels" associations, food banks, mobile care services as well as first-aid organisations and many other non-profit organisations, the company went one step further.

At the same time, the company doubled its advertising budget. In sport, the company decided at short notice to sponsor the world-famous Hahnenkamm ski race in Kitzbühel, the Men's Handball World Championships in Egypt and the European Athletics Championships in Poland. LIQUI MOLY will also become the name of the MotoGP race in Germany. "Contrary to the trend, we've managed to increase our publicity even further. A clear sign for our partners and for our customers: You can rely on LIQUI MOLY. It certainly persuaded one or more readers of the Auto Zeitung magazine to tick the box next to LIQUI MOLY," says the Managing Director.

LIQUI MOLY came in second place in the race for the most popular car care brands. The company has long established itself at a high level in this category.

Tobias Gerstlauer
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