• 01/24/2019

Stamina and top-class performance

The LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 Hour is a key marketing component for the oil and additive specialist

January 2019 – The LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 Hour starts on the last day of January. The endurance race in Australia marks the start of the season for oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY. “We’re looking forward to an exciting race,” says Peter Baumann, Marketing Manager with LIQUI MOLY.

LIQUI MOLY has lent its name to the 12-hour race at the Mount Panorama Circuit since 2013. The blue-and-red logo is also displayed on the windscreen of each of the racing cars. “This helps promote our business in Australia of course, but it also has a broader worldwide impact”, says Peter Baumann. The endurance race has become established as a regular international fixture in recent years. Teams come from all continents, so the media presence is global as well.

After the 24 Hours of Daytona in the USA, the LIQUI MOLY Bathurst 12 Hour is the largest-scale endurance race in the year. “Given the extreme exposure over such a long period of time, you simply have to have the right oil in the engine,” says Peter Baumann. “Our involvement in Bathurst reflects the fact that our oils and additives stand for uncompromising top-class performance.”

LIQUI MOLY will continue to give its name to the 12-hour race in Bathurst until at least 2022. “We will then have done ten years,” says Peter Baumann. “This long period of time demonstrates just how successful our sponsorship has been – and how important it is to us to maintain long-term partnerships.”