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Quality products for supercars: a fast and effective way to maintain their value


Whether it's the interior or the body, we show you how to care for your supercar simply and effectively, even between routine services, to ensure the value is maintained for the long-term. Where only the best is good enough, LIQUI MOLY automatically comes into play.

For many car owners, maintaining and/or increasing the value of their supercar is very important. However, this often involves a lot of effort, as cleaning, sealing and so on take time. But isn't there a quick yet effective solution for now and then? Yes there is!

Paintwork, fabric top, plastic and leather – with our products you can optimally care for all surfaces and materials. As versatile as our products are, they all have one thing in common: they are quick, easy and effective. Spray on or apply, wipe off or rub in, with or without exposure time. So there is nothing standing in the way of you maintaining the value of your supercar for the long term with minimal effort.

Care for body and paintwork

When it comes to maintaining value in this category of car, particular attention must be paid to the paintwork. Even if your supercar is only driven infrequently on Sundays, it is not spared the usual weather and environmental influences on the road, such as insects, sunlight or moisture.

Insect residue is probably one of the most common types of dirt that your supercar paintwork comes into contact with. This should be removed as quickly and gently as possible before the car is parked in the garage for a long period of time again. The combination of protein and chitin that insects are made of attacks the paintwork. If these are not removed quickly, unsightly stains can appear, which require great effort to remove.

Insect Remover

Speaking of quickly and gently: our Insect Remover is the ideal aid for thorough cleaning now and then. The paint-friendly spray softens dirt and can be easily rinsed off along with the insect residues after a short exposure time.

The Insect Remover is gentle yet effective, so it can also be safely used on headlights or windows. In addition, it is biodegradable and therefore very environmentally friendly and can be easily stowed in the trunk thanks to its practical size.

  • Exceptional cleaning effect
  • Biodegradable
  • Good adhesion
  • Suitable for polycarbonate

Quick Detailer

The Detailer for Quick Paintwork Care is ideal for reliably and quickly removing light dirt such as dust or water marks from the paintwork without great effort. Thanks to its innovative protective formula, the Detailer not only cleans, but also prevents dirt from re-adhering thanks to its sealing effect and provides long-lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences.

And all this without time-consuming polishing: spray on, wipe off with the Microfiber Cloth for Polishing and it's done! It even works on wet surfaces. The Detailer also ensures a long-lasting cleaning finish and renewed shine!

  • Easy to use
  • Protects against aggressive environmental influences
  • Prevents dirt from re-adhering within a short space of time.
  • Innovative protective formula
  • Removes minor dirt
  • Outstanding water beading effect

In addition to a quick clean and sealing now and then, we recommend regular treatment with our Polish & Wax or Hard Wax, Gloss Polish or Paintwork Gloss Cream, depending on the application.

Maintenance of plastic components

Even expensive supercars have plastic components. This is not to reduce costs, but for the performance-enhancing lightweight construction techniques. 

On the one hand, plastic components reduce the weight of the car and thus enable faster acceleration, but on the other they are high-maintenance. Various environmental influences such as strong UV radiation in summer or low temperatures in winter lead to premature weathering.

To counteract this, we recommend regular treatment now and then. With the Plastic Deep Treatment, all plastic parts in the exterior and interior remain elastic and retain their new look.

  • Simple use
  • Provides a deep semi-matt gloss
  • Repels dust, dirt and water
  • Protection and care of all plastics

For parts that have already been exposed to weathering, we recommend our "Like New" Plastic Care. Freshens up and provides a deep care treatment for already faded areas.

  • Simple use
  • Extremely high UV resistance
  • Protects against aggressive environmental influences
  • Enhances faded plastics

Care for convertible soft tops

If your vehicle has a fabric convertible soft top, this means additional problem areas that require special care. Too much UV radiation can cause the fabric to fade. Dirt, insect residues or bird droppings can eat into the fabric and leave stains. Water marks caused by moisture or rain are also unsightly and very difficult to remove. This not only affects the appearance of your supercar, but also reduces its value.

We are here to help. With our premium products, you can ensure optimum protection and help to maintain the value of your super sports car.

Convertible Soft Top Cleaner

Reliable and gentle, clean your fabric top with the Convertible Soft Top Cleaner. This removes oil and grease residues, soot, bird droppings and road dirt with ease and at the same time reduces the renewed adhesion of dirt particles. Its intensive care formula freshens up the color of fabrics and actively prevents premature weathering.

It is quick and easy to use: spray the Convertible Soft Top Cleaner evenly onto the surface to be cleaned and rub with the Car Cleaning Sponge, applying gentle pressure. Now simply rinse with clean water and the soft top is in perfect condition again. Even with regular use, you don't have to worry about the effect on adjacent rubber parts or paintwork: the cleaner is not only gentle on the soft top, but also neutral in contact with these components.

  • Anti-static and dirt-repellent
  • Exceptional cleaning effect
  • Freshens up colors
  • Neutral in contact with plastics, rubber, glass, paints and textiles
  • Counteracts premature weathering

Fabric Impregnation

For long-lasting protection, we then recommend treating the soft top with Fabric Impregnation. This protects textile structures from moisture and dirt with its sealing and waterproofing properties.

  • Waterproofs
  • Protects textiles from water penetration
  • Very water-repellent
  • Silicone-free
  • Prevents staining

Interior care

The interior, including the dashboard and leather seats, is just as important for maintaining the value of your supercar as its exterior appearance. This is because the interior is subject to similarly high stresses from UV radiation as external plastic parts. Plastic dashboards and leather seats or decor fade over time. In addition, they may show visible signs of use.

Keep the cockpit looking brand new by regularly treating plastic parts with the Plastic Deep Treatment Lotion. This cares for, protects and freshens up faded areas with a semi-matt gloss. The lotion penetrates deep into the material and has an anti-static and dirt-repellent effect. This prevents dust particles from accumulating over time.

  • Simple use
  • Provides a deep semi-matt gloss
  • Repels dust, dirt and water
  • Protection and care of all plastics

To protect smooth leather seats or decor from wear and to maintain the feel and look of the leather, these can be treated with our Leather Care. For a wonderfully glossy and supple leather structure. In addition, fading is prevented and the service life of the material is maximized.

Have you not moved your vehicle for a long period of time?

Our tip: Petrol Stabilizer

Super sports cars are often only driven occasionally. If this is the case with your car, we recommend the preventive use of our Petrol Stabilizer. This preserves and protects fuel against aging and oxidation. It also prevents harmful corrosion in the entire fuel system. So your supercar can get off to a flying start even after a long time in the garage. 

  • Simple use
  • Catalytic converter-tested
  • With long-term effect
  • Protects the fuel against oxidation and aging
  • Economical due to precise dosing
Product images for the Liqui Moly care series

If you want to do a little more than just the minimum maintenance, take a look at our range of care products. We offer everything from problem-solvers for specific applications such as removing tar or silicone to everyday car wash helpers such as cleaning and care products for glass, rims, tires, rubber and chrome.

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