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One product for everything? Multi-Spray Plus 7!

#Everyday helpers
#Vintage Cars

If you are looking for the all-rounder among multi-purpose oils, you can stop searching. Seven performance advantages speak for themselves.

We have all been there: Rusty garden gates, squeaking door hinges or seized screws... an all-rounder is an ideal helper in these cases! Our Multi-Spray Plus 7 is not only suitable for all these purposes, but also lives up to its name thanks to seven advantages.

7-time practical all-rounder

  1. Displaces moisture and starts wet engines
  2. Protects the entire electrics and remedies creeping currents as well as short circuits
  3. Tackles screws that are rusted shut
  4. Keeps moving parts running smoothly
  5. Protects against corrosion and oxidation
  6. Maintains rubber parts and prevents freezing
  7. Prevents squeaking and is not aggressive to plastics, paints, metals and wood

Whether garage or household: Our spray lubricates, cleans, loosens, protects and preserves. Multi-Spray Plus 7 has many talents, its areas of application are very diverse. It is precisely these properties that make it the ideal helper for everyday life.