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Gardening made easy with perfect tool care


How to keep your garden tools in optimal condition: The perfect care for a long-lasting function.

Trimming hedges and shrubs, mowing the lawn weekly or doing coarse woodwork – your own garden can quickly turn into a large construction site. It is always important to have the right garden tool to hand. After all, only high-quality equipment makes working in the countryside easy.

However, in order to guarantee their value and functionality in the long term, it is at least as essential not to neglect their care and maintenance.

Our products have been specially developed for use in the garden to prevent wear and tear on your garden tools, such as hedge trimmers and lawn mowers, and ensure smooth operation during work thanks to optimal functionality.

Optimum function thanks to perfectly lubricated devices

The right oil is at least as important for motorized garden tools as it is for motor vehicle engines. It lubricates the various motor components, cools and cleans them and ensures adequate corrosion protection if the device, for example, is out of operation for an extended period of time. This reduces friction between moving components, keeps wear as low as possible and prevents overheating by dissipating heat.

But oil is not the same as oil. Garden power tool engines are subject to different conditions than those in cars or motorcycles. Therefore, they also require specialized lubricants. In addition to using the right oil, it is also important to check the level regularly. Since many garden tools do not have a warning lamp or a digital level gage, filling the engine oil is often forgotten. And too little engine oil can lead to serious damage to the engine, just like in a car.

Chainsaw lubrication

Our KWF-tested bio chain oil is recommended for optimum chain lubrication. Developed specifically for use with chainsaws, it ensures a first-class lubrication effect of the chain links and also reduces friction between the chain and bar. This prevents corrosion and premature wear.

Due to the favorable viscosity, reliable work can be carried out at all times regardless of the time of year and the associated outside temperature. Thanks to the biodegradability of the oil, it is certified with the Blue Angel and is optimally suited for use in green areas.  

  • Good viscosity temperature behavior
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Excellent high- and low-temperature behavior
  • Biodegradable
  • Outstanding lubricating properties
  • Strong wear protection

Problems starting implement motors?

With Start Fix, you can get your garden power tool back on track and ensure that it starts even in cold, damp or wet spark plugs. Thanks to its special active ingredient combination of highly flammable components, it is suitable for all combustion engines and works even under extreme conditions.

  • Ensures winter operation
  • Improves ignition process
  • suitable for petrol and diesel engines
  • Eases start behavior
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Optimizes cost-effective application
  • Preserves engine and battery

Long-term value retention through professional device care

Earth, moisture or other impurities permanently clog up garden tools. In order to benefit from your tool for as long as possible, thorough and regular cleaning is essential. By cleaning your power tools immediately after use, you guarantee optimal functionality for the next use.

Our precisely designed care spray for garden tools is perfectly suited for this. It ensures that moving parts such as blades, hinges or joints on cutting tools remain permanently smooth. It also prevents annoying squeaking noises. With its formulation specially developed for garden use, it is neutral to plastics, wood and paints, while also protecting metal parts against corrosion.

  • Prevents squeaking noises
  • Biodegradable
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Keeps moving parts moving
  • does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood.
  • Optimum flow properties

Long-lasting care for your robotic lawnmower

If you prefer a cozy approach, you usually leave the weekly lawn shortening to the robotic lawnmower. The practical helpers do their work independently and reliably, but are still dependent on their owner for cleaning. They are everyday items that require care and maintenance in order to work reliably for as long as possible.

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