Online marketing

Benefit from our online marketing expertise and regularly launch tailored online campaigns for your company together with us.

Online marketing is an integral part of our workshop solutions. As a garage or retailer, you have the opportunity to place local and personalized advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google free of charge.

By using online marketing with our support in cooperation with socialPALS, you can target potential customers in your immediate vicinity. With minimum effort, you can achieve maximum results at very low cost. 

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Minimum effort, maximum benefit

With targeted online marketing, you can reach your customers exactly where they are: online, directly on social media and on the web. The advertisements are only displayed to people who are specifically located in the vicinity of your workshop. This means that only potential customers in your area are approached and the perfect target group is addressed for you.

We support you with an advertising budget of EUR 50.00 per campaign. Even with this small budget, very good results can be achieved in local online advertising without great effort.

In addition, our online marketing experts take over the central management of the campaigns. This means that you receive promising marketing measures without any additional effort. All you need to do is upload your logo and data, and we will then deliver the ad content and take care of the rest.

Your advantages as an online marketing partner

  • Professional and free online & social media marketing with content provided by us and centrally managed by us, without additional effort for you
  • 50.00 EUR advertising budget per campaign from LIQUI MOLY; you can of course increase the budget
  • Campaign participation with just a few clicks
  • Individualized landing page 
  • Contains a Google Map extract of your business address and an appointment booking form
  • Personal support from LIQUI MOLY and our partner socialPALS throughout the campaign

You don’t need any online marketing expertise and therefore save time and money! Register once on the socialPALS platform and start your entire online campaign in just a few clicks.

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