Formula 1

For three years, until the end of the 2022 season, LIQUI MOLY will be "Official Sponsor of Formula 1".

“The unique reach of Formula 1 enables us to increase LIQUI MOLY’s brand awareness all around the world,” says Ernst Prost. This is not just a matter of mere reach. “Formula 1 is premium in motorsport and LIQUI MOLY is premium in oils and additives. Advertising in Formula 1 is a strong signal to both the end users and the trade. This helps us stand out from the ever-increasing background noise of the media.”
LIQUI MOLY entered Formula 1 in 2019. A medium-sized oil and additive manufacturer in the world’s largest racing series – that really made the industry sit up and take notice. At eleven races, the blue and red logo was prominently displayed along the track.

Formula 1 is not new to the lubricant brand. LIQUI MOLY was involved with Team Jordan in the 2000s.


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