• 12/07/2022
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Energy bars for motorbikes

Optimum performance with our handy motorbike shooters

Just fill up and you're done. The special thing about our motorbike shooters is that they are ideal for motorbikes in two respects: Firstly because their formula has been created specially for motorbike engines. Secondly because their dosage has been tailored precisely to motorbikes. Do half-full doses need to be transported or stored anywhere? No!

Speed Additive Shooter

  • easy to use
  • improves the acceleration
  • residue-free combustion
  • promotes optimum combustion
  • improves overall performance

Engine Flush Shooter

• thorough engine cleaning

• helps restore engine performance

• will not harm seals or gaskets

• promotes longer engine life

MoS2 Shooter

• minimizes friction

• reduces wear

• prevents operational malfunctions

• increases smooth operation

• reduces oil and fuel consumption

4T Shooter

• easy to use

• reduces residues and deposits

• prevents carburetor icing

• excellent corrosion protection

• optimizes engine performance

• improves fuel economy and reduces emissions