Three ways to get a clean air conditioner


Ideal climate: How to avoid unpleasant odors from the ventilation system. 

If the air conditioner not only brings a cool breeze into the vehicle interior, but also an unpleasant smell, then that’s a sign that it has been beset by bacteria and mold. This doesn’t just stink, but can cause allergies.

We offer you three ways to remedy the situation

The first method is the cheapest and simplest: with LIQUI MOLY Climate Refresh. The spray acts as a deodorant for cars that every driver can apply easily. When the ventilation is switched on, the self-emptying can is simply placed in the footwell. The active substances spread in the ventilation and free the air conditioner from unpleasant odors.

It’s really easy to use: Run the engine, switch on the air conditioning, set to circulating air, close all windows, place the can in the footwell, activate the Climate Refresh and then leave the vehicle. The can empties slowly and the ongoing ventilation distributes the spray mist in the ventilation ducts and carries it up to the evaporator of the air conditioning system. Highly effective surfactants clean the evaporator by loosening the film of dirt and allowing it to drip off with the condensation. In this way, they tackle the odor problem directly at its source. The application is complete after only ten minutes. Instead of the smell of stale air, there is now a fine citrus fragrance.

The spray mist is so fine and so effective that the small amount provided is entirely sufficient for a car. This also means that less propellant gas is required. In order to ensure the can releases all its contents into the air stream and not into the doormat because it has tipped over, the packaging can be transformed into a stable stand. In this way, the narrow can reliably remains in an upright position.

The application is so straightforward that drivers can do it themselves. There is no need to dismantle the pollen or dust filter. Of course, this small do-it-yourself air conditioning cleaner is not as thorough as a professional clean in the workshop. But it’s faster and costs less. If the air is not better after the procedure is complete, it will indeed be necessary to call in the professionals.

Climate Refresh

  • Increases driving comfort
  • Guarantees fresh, clean air
  • Eliminates odors from air conditioning systems caused by mold and bacteria

The second method is more thorough: cleaning with LIQUI MOLY A/C System Cleaner. The spray can includes a large probe with which the active substances can be directly sprayed into the fresh air supply. This ensures that not only the lines, but also the evaporator of the air conditioner is cleaned. The advantage is the simple application without requiring any additional equipment. The Cleaner can also be used by experienced end users.

A/C System Cleaner (Spray)

  • Microbiological certificate available
  • Guarantees fresh, clean air
  • Kills mold and bacteria
  • Eliminates musty odors
  • Forms a protective film
  • Cleaning air intake ducts

The third method offers the most thorough cleaning in our LIQUI MOLY service workshops: the 2K A/C System Cleaner Here the liquid can be sprayed directly onto the evaporator with the aid of a specially designed compressed air gun and a long, flexible probe. The cleaning fluid rinses the evaporator and disinfects it. This allows all bacteria and fungi to be reliably removed – the most elaborate, but also the most thorough method. 

Active-2C A/C System Cleaner
Active-2C A/C System Cleaner
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2K A/C System Cleaner

The cleaning fluid is comprised of two active components that are mixed for activation directly before use. Removes unpleasant odors from air conditioning systems without complicated removal work. Leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. To apply the cleaner, we recommend our A/C System cleaning gun (part no. 4090). Only for professional use.

  • water-repellent protective film
  • assures fresh, clean air
  • removes musty smells

These three methods – the simple Climate Fresh for eliminating unpleasant odors, the A/C System Cleaner spray can for quick cleaning, and the 2K A/C System Cleanert for thorough cleaning – cover the entire spectrum. Everyone can find what they need depending on their wallet and cleaning performance required. And bad odors from ventilation become a thing of the past.