• 03/05/2018

"You can only win with the best products"

Armin Schwarz counts on LIQUI MOLY: An interview with the German rally legend

Armin Schwarz is a rally driver through and through. He began his professional career way back in 1987 and became German champion in the very same year. In 1991 he won the Rally Spain. In 2005 he ended his career in the World Rally Championship, but he was far from retired: Sport1, RTL and n-tv all trusted in his expertise in their TV broadcasts. The German rally legend has put his trust in top-quality products by LIQUI MOLY for many years in Project Baja.

Mr Schwarz, how did you get involved in racing and what about it inspires you so much?

I used to work as a car mechanic and my boss at that time was a rally driver himself. That was fascinating to me. I have always been inspired by the technology, particularly how you can benefit from its advantages as a driver. In my opinion, the better technically developed the car is, the faster and more safely I can put my capabilities to use on the road.

What was your biggest challenge and what, in your opinion, your biggest success?

Challenges increase with the demands. A big challenge generally is surely to find the right team or the right partner. Thankfully, in LIQUI MOLY I have a very good partner on my side, including top-class products. As for my biggest success, I don't really see a "biggest" in that sense and would find it sad if all the small and big successes were reduced down to just one. Every race, every milestone that might be seem straightforward at the time, is a success in and of itself.

Do you have any kind of "favorite vehicle" from all your years of racing experience?

That, too, I don't really have, to be honest, after all, every vehicle has its very own strengths and weaknesses. But I have to say that the Trophy Trucks that I drive in the SCORE-Baja races are pretty superior and are bursting with power.

Which properties are particularly important to you in a racing vehicle?

For me it's the chassis, shock absorbers and springs. Particularly that these reliably last from the start to the finish. This is where the quality oil by LIQUI MOLY really helps us out. Of course, the motor and transmission also have to be able to offer the same requirements. And here, too, LIQUI MOLY is an ideal partner with its full range.

What are you favorites out of the LIQUI MOLY full range and why?

I think the new Truck Series in the US is outstanding, as we successfully use the product on the race truck itself and also in all the support vehicles. Particularly if the climatic conditions or the quality of the fuel are difficult. It also helps us in terms of consumption and performance. After all, these aspects are of particularly high importance in motorsports. It is simply good if there are specific products for each specific use. This means that, for example, the race-tested 10W-60 ensures optimum performance in combination with Cera Tec even under the most extreme of conditions.

A further example is the Window Cleaner Foam: Unlike some liquids from a spray bottle, the foam forms a visible foam application, which can be easily spread out. Also, it counteracts organic and inorganic dirt very well, such as silicon and grease.

What advice do you give people who, like you, want to be successful in racing?

Never give up and work on your plans. You cannot lose sight of the goal, no matter what happens.

Why, in your opinion, is the selection of the right motor oils and additives so relevant, particularly in races such as the Baja 1000?

As there are very high temperatures and a lot of dust is stirred up in many of our races, the oil has to be able to hold this dust in suspense, so that it is transported to the oil filter and cannot cause any damage to the motor. The oil just can't have any general weaknesses. After all, you can only win with the best products. Our transmission and the torque converter, for example, are subjected to extreme temperatures, without any kind of break. It is therefore an endurance race for all oil products. In my opinion, LIQUI MOLY products are the best that we can use for our purposes.