• 12/09/2019

„We will never forget this trip“

Vicko Peovic from Croatia and his family were the lucky winners of our „Best Brand competition 2018“. They share their experiences from the MotoGP in Malaysia here

My first idea was to only prepare a short report about our trip to Malaysia, including a stop at the MotoGP race. But it was so unbelievably good and emotional that I had to tell this in a few more lines!

In the beginning, I could not believe that all of this was true. Normally, I don´t believe in lotteries, I have never won in such kind of competition. Maybe because I am used to working hard to get anything. I have to travel a lot in my job, so I´m far away from my family quite often. I was overwhelmed by this prize!

My family loves motorcycles, I have three myself (more to come!) and even our wedding day was celebrated with a bike ride. The MotoGP is my favorite competition series, so why not taking part in the LIQUI MOLY lottery, that´s what I thought when I participated.

Me and my family have never been to Asia together, but the beautiful fact is that I even met my wife there back in the days, in Khabarovsk, in the Far East of Russia!

But anyway, this prize was only for me and another person, right? Nope! LIQUI MOLY even expanded it for my beloved ones. Since it was also my daughter´s birthday, the occasion was even more special with a trip to the exciting city of Singapore!

The organization from LIQUI MOLY´s side was outstanding at the MotoGP, we were in a closed fan area with air condition and great catering, which was really helpful for my three year old daughter, because it was really hot and air humidity was quite high.

It was really fascinating to see the IntactGP Motorcycles in detail, telemetrics and the whole process of the suspension setup, just to tell a few things.

We met so many wonderful people and probably friends for life, because almost everyone told us to call them and visit their countries in the case that we are nearby.

The absolute highlight was the Moto2 race itself, were Thomas Luethi really fighted like an absolute champ! Of course, seeing the LIQUI MOLY oil being used in these powerhorses and then seeing him reach the third place, was quite impressive, too.

What else can we say…we will never forget this unique trip that was made possible by LIQUI MOLY. Thank you for everything!