• 10/18/2017
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LIQUI MOLY in Gran Turismo Sport

Our logo is included in the most anticipated racing game in recent years

Millions of fans of the PlayStation 4 console have had to wait for years for the Gran Turismo Sport racing simulator. Now the video game famous for its realism and breathtaking graphics is finally here.

With LIQUI MOLY branding on world-famous courses

There are 17 angles in 40 different layouts available to the players. There are also new options available for the individualisation of vehicles. It's clear then that Germany's most popular lubricant brand has to be involved as well. Just one example is that our vehicle stickers can be used for the more than 140 vehicles. The vehicles available to choose from will in future be continuously expanded via downloads.

More than a racing simulator

The Ferrari red is actually Ferrari red, the courses are true to the original down the last meter and the graphics are closer to reality than ever before. If only it were that simple to summarize Gran Turismo Sport.

For the game is more than just a racing simulator. The seventh edition of the series is the first version for the latest console generation and can even be played in Virtual Reality Mode with a VR headset. This ensures the game is closer to a real race experience than ever before.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, which is why the opening trailer is worth checking out:

Gran Turismo Sport and LIQUI MOLY: The best comes together, even in the virtual world.

Gran Turismo Sport Opening Trailer