• 04/17/2020
  • Corona-Krise

“Is what we’re doing now wrong? We give away more than we sell”

Why “the days on which we give away more than we sell are good days”, explains Managing Director Ernst Prost in this circular email

Dear companions,

Is what we’re doing now wrong? Right now, we’re giving away more than we’re selling. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, business is not exactly running well – and that is still putting it mildly. Secondly, we are receiving numerous inquiries, requests and appeals from all over Germany and many other countries in which we are active: Emergency services, ambulance vehicles, meals on wheels, mobile care services, transport companies for the disabled and patients, fire brigades, German Red Cross and so on.
I am no longer surprised that our exemplary community, our civic spirit and our emergency systems are second to none in the world. Vehicles and technology are only one thing.

People are needed – and I have now seen this clearly once again: Many people work voluntarily in these areas – for the benefit of the general public. I have the utmost respect for that. Things do sometimes go wrong in this country of ours, but at this point we can be proud of a society that is quite selfless, socially committed and characterized by compassion, and also acts according to such principles.

This crisis has now given us at Liqui Moly the opportunity to work for the common good even more intensively than usual. We do this with products we manufacture, which we supply free of charge to emergency services. We have already shipped hundreds of orders. Of course, we also bear the transport costs for the deliveries. We do not require donation receipts. We have put together a team in Ulm which now exclusively deals with the processing and dispatch of these inquiries and orders.

I find this all absolutely wonderful! There are days when we give away more than we sell. And they are good days.❤

With fond regards,

Ernst Prost