• 02/18/2019

Nothing new in the world of oil: LIQUI MOLY remains the leading brand

Readers of Auto Zeitung voted us Top Brand 2019 – care products are ranked in second place


One thing is clear for readers of Auto Zeitung: LIQUI MOLY is the best oil brand. We were voted Top Brand for the first time in 2011 and we have retained our leading position continuously ever since. “You might think we’d get used to it – but that’s not the case. We work very hard every year and we’re always thrilled to get the award the next time around,” says Peter Baumann. He is Head of Marketing at LIQUI MOLY.

More than 600,000 readers were called upon to vote for the best brands related to subject of cars. Things stayed the same in the lubricants category: LIQUI MOLY has held its leading position there now for almost a decade. Repetitions can risk becoming tedious – but not in this case. We’re genuinely thrilled. Head of Marketing Peter Baumann reveals why: “The Top Brand seal is a valuable instrument for us which we use comprehensively throughout the year in advertising, on labels and much more besides.”

Our success in the readers’ vote confirms and consolidates the excellent reputation of our brand among readers who are car enthusiasts. “The Top Brand logo even has an impact on people who are only sporadically interested in the subject of cars, because it provides an independent quality assessment – after all, the readers’ vote is purely democratic.

We also have care products in our range in addition to lubricants. These likewise enjoy a very high level of popularity among Auto Zeitung readers. As in previous years, LIQUI MOLY finished second in this discipline. “We very much appreciate this result, too – after all, LIQUI MOLY is know to most readers as an oil brand,” says Managing Director Günter Hiermaier.

Our goals for the votes in 2020 are clearly defined: secure our tenth title in the oil discipline and continue to work on making it to the top in the care products category, too. “That's going to take a lot of work. But if we're successful, it’ll be incredibly satisfying. So we’re still really excited about it – even in the tenth year,” says Peter Baumann.