• 03/16/2017
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In 7th heaven: LIQUI MOLY is the most popular oil brand for the seventh year running

LIQUI MOLY takes the result of the readers’ vote on the best oil brand in 2017 as the basis for a comprehensive print and online media campaign.

In partnerships, the seventh year is generally regarded as risky because the number of separations is statistically very high at this time. But there seems to be no sign of relationship fatigue between readers of the German car magazine auto motor und sport and LIQUI MOLY. For the seventh year in a row, they voted the Ulm-based oil brand as the most popular in the lubricant category.

Stable partnerships are characterized by reliability and predictability. “And that’s exactly what we are to our customers – as safe as a bank”, says Peter Baumann, who is responsible for marketing at LIQUI MOLY. “We’re really pleased to see that auto motor und sport readers have once again put us in first place as in the six previous surveys.” Being a relatively small firm as compared to oil multinationals such as Shell and BP, LIQUI MOLY regards the readers’ vote as a genuine demonstration of commitment and an expression of brand loyalty.

And it’s not the product of pipe dreams but the result of hard work. LIQUI MOLY stands for products of outstanding quality, achieved by means of permanent and increasingly thorough controls. “Over the years, motor oil has practically become a component of the automobile, so the demands made of lubricants are very high – as are customer expectations.” With our research and development we ensure that LIQUI MOLY oils are always in line with the latest standards,” says David Kaiser. He is responsible for the Research & Development / Applications Technology Division.

Reliability also means absolute service orientation on the part of LIQUI MOLY, whether in customer consultation or where technical advice is required. “The quick response times on our service hotlines and the expert advice provided by our genuine specialists – and not a call center – do wonders to strengthen customer relations,” says Peter Baumann.

Of course the longevity of a partnership depends on the extent to which partners are prepared to contribute. Peter Baumann: “We’re investing more than ever in ensuring LIQUI MOLY is a well-known brand both in our home market and abroad, mainly by sponsoring a wide range of different international sporting events. Increased perception also results in higher levels of popularity.” And this is likewise reflected in the results of the reader survey conducted by auto motor und sport. In fact LIQUI MOLY has even managed to move further ahead of the competition.

We are taking our success in the readers’ vote as the basis for a spectacular campaign in Germany and Austria, placing thank-you ads in some 50 media, both automobile-specific and general interest. For the first time, we’re also extending the campaign to include daily newspapers, so this is another platform we’ll be using to promote the fact that we’ve been voted the most popular motor oil brand. In doing so we will stick to our usual full-page format.

On April 1 there will be a highly conspicuous LIQUI MOLY presence in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Augsburger Allgemeine and Südwest Presse, as well as in Bild Zeitung on April 3. This will achieve coverage of some 200 million contacts in total and be a real eye-opener. Could there be any better basis for drawing customers’ attention to LIQUI MOLY? “We’ve never run a thank-you campaign on this scale before so it will provide a truly unique brand impulse, offering enormous support for dealers and garages as well as significantly boosting sales,” states Günter Hiermaier, Head of Sales National + Austria.

Please refer to our media plan for full details of ad placements.

We very much look forward to hearing the results of the readers’ survey in German car magazines Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild and Motor Klassik as we hope to be able to defend our title in those magazines, too.