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How to achieve motorbike hibernation

Get back onto the road without any worries after winter, instead of having to go to the garage first: No problem with the right care and conservation of your motorbike during the cold time of year.

Alongside increasing the tire pressure to 0.5 bar above the nominal value, propping up the motorbike is also one of the recommended "classics". This relieves the tires as no pressure points are created from standing. Storing the battery in a dry, cool and frost-proof place is just as advisable. It hibernates best with a minimal, even charge via a charger. The right care products are also essential.

LIQUI MOLY offers a whole range of helpful products for "mothballing" your bike. Be it thorough cleaning, careful conservation or "vitamins" for the tank: With this tool your motorbike will remain visually and technically fit over the winter. Our motorbike products also make a contribution towards the sustainable value maintenance of your motorbike. We will present our all-round package for secure motorbike hibernation to you in greater detail.

Motorbike Gasoline Stabilizer

So that the motorbike starts without problems after the winter: The LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Fuel Stabilizer with long-term effect is particularly well-suited to preventative use. The turbo and catalytic converter-tested fuel stabilizer conserves and protects the fuel against aging and oxidation. As it is through oxidation that the fuel loses its combustibility and becomes unusable by the motor. With the Fuel Stabilizer the motorbike will reliably start again at the start of the season. Corrosion is prevented throughout the fuel system. This allows the Gasoline Stabilizer to easily decommission motorcycles, scooters, quads, snowmobiles and other 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors. The operating safety is also increased. A happy side effect: The precise dosing preserves your wallet in the long run.


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Motorbike Cleaner

The basis for upholding the beautiful look of your motorbike: Good care of the exterior of the bike. This is where the LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Cleaner helps. A cleaning fluid, free of polluting solvents, specially developed for motorbikes. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Dirt, oil and grease residue can be quickly and effectively overcome.


Gloss Spray Wax

To ensure the bike shines after winter like it did before: The Gloss Spray Wax is ideally suited as an addition to the Motorbike Cleaner. The resulting protective layer compensates minor scratches and protects the paint against the effects of weather. This also contributes to maintaining the value of the bike. Slight road grime and greasy dirt are effortlessly and quickly removed, without allowing scratches to occur. Easy to polish off, produces smooth surface with high gloss and exceptionally good color depth on all types of paint and enamel. Our Gloss Spray Wax is suitable for colorful and metallic paints alike.



Motorbike Multi-Spray

Ensures a smooth interplay between parts even after winter: The LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Multi-Spray lubricates, dissolves rust, protects and cares for the motorbike. It keeps moving parts such as Bowden cables permanently smooth-running. Stubbornly rusted screws are loosened. The Multi-Spray protects the entire electrics and prevents squeaking. It protects against corrosion, cares for rubber parts and ensures excellent penetration properties. Our Multi-Spray was also able to convince of these properties during the test by MOTORRAD magazine (26/2015 edition): 84 out of 100 points and therefore first place speaks for itself.

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Motorbike Leather Suit Care
Like "skin care" for your leather components: The LIQUI MOLY Motorbike Leather Suit Care is a high-quality care emulsion for smooth leather. It is particularly well suited to seats, saddlebags, leather suits etc. It freshens up the colors and offers protection as well as care for the leather. The treated surfaces receive a semi-matt shine with an impregnating effect.


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Motorbike Visor Cleaner

Always maintain clear vision: General cleaning of the helmet is a good idea, particularly at the end of the season. Insect remains and dirt gather particularly in and around the air inlets. With our Motorbike Visor Cleaner you can remove this quickly, easily and reliably. The Motorbike Visor Cleaner by LIQUI MOLY removes oil, silicone residue, insects and other dirt. This creates clear vision and safety. The excellent cleaning effect and simple use also convinced the editorial team of the "Motorradfahrer" magazine.


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Motorbike Visor Clean Cloth Set

High-quality care cloth set. Preserves and cleans helmets and visors. Removes dirt and insects. Clears the view and enhances safety.


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