• 04/17/2020
  • Corona-Krise

"2 x Friday excitement ❤️❤️"

In today's circular CEO Ernst Prost announces two positive news to all employees.

Dear colleagues,

Everybody who can still remember Böblingen knows that "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC is one of my favorite songs. Since we are Swabians we used similar music for our TV spot - but much cheaper as I already wrote in a previous email:  I love the soundtrack in our advertisement. Now sharpen your ears: There will be something for your ears again soon, no podcast from me, with or about me - but a radio spot!!!! yeah baby, yeah !! Obviously produced in Swabian "AC/DC" Rock but just as tough and to the point.


I actually only wanted to tell you next week, that starting Thursday we will be on air!!!! But before I am torn apart by the anticipation I will share this Friday's excitement with you: After newspapers, magazines and 200 TV commercials, we will now also play on the radio. I'll send it to you so you can listen to it! We are throwing everything we have into the battle a whopping €10 million in additional advertising money into the battle to overcome this crises this is our artillery, and our infantry which up to now had to stay at home. Starting Monday our infantry will be allowed to go into battle again, have fun sales team in Germany as you finally can go out to your customers again. This is the second good news for all of us this Friday. 

To the radio spot 


Ernst Prost