Formula 1 ®

For three years, until the end of the 2022 season, LIQUI MOLY will be "Official Sponsor of Formula 1".

“The unique reach of Formula 1 enables us to increase LIQUI MOLY’s brand awareness all around the world,” says Ernst Prost. This is not just a matter of mere reach. “Formula 1 is premium in motorsport and LIQUI MOLY is premium in oils and additives. Advertising in Formula 1 is a strong signal to both the end users and the trade. This helps us stand out from the ever-increasing background noise of the media.”

LIQUI MOLY entered Formula 1 in 2019. A medium-sized oil and additive manufacturer in the world’s largest racing series – that really made the industry sit up and take notice. At eleven races, the blue and red logo was prominently displayed along the track.

Formula 1 is not new to the lubricant brand. LIQUI MOLY was involved with Team Jordan in the 2000s.


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For real statistics lovers, we have something very special: with our partner motorsport network, we provide you with interactive visualisations that can be called up updated after each weekend. So you can see how the race went, the complete race weekend and also the current standings in the world championship. 


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