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Gear Tronic

Make changing automatic transmission fluid simple as child’s play.

Gear Tronic – The LIQUI MOLY unit for complete transmission fluid service

State-of-the-art automatic transmissions ensure that the engine always operates in its ideal efficiency range. Six or seven gears are quite common in the lower car classes. As the number of gears increases, so does the complexity and stress of the transmission. Particularly the thermal loads increase extremely, because the space available for the fluid in the transmission is continuously being decreased. This also increases wear. Dirt and metallic abrasion in the transmission fluid can cause mechanical damage to the shifting mechanism, if the fluid is not changed with insufficient time. The recommendations for changing the transmission fluid differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. In many cases the lubricant requires changing every 60,000 kilometers- including “lifetime fillings”. And not all transmission fluid changes are the same: Previously it was not possible to replace the lubricant completely. Systems such as the LIQUI MOLY Gear Tronic now make this possible. To ensure that the transmission can do its work properly, dirt and abrasion particles should be removed with LIQUI MOLY Automatic Transmission Cleaner. A special additive can be mixed with the transmission fluid to make it particularly resistant to wear. It even regenerates the seals and makes them soft and flexible again. Flushing, transmission fluid change and mixing in the additive are all simple, safe and fast with the Gear Tronic from LIQUI MOLY. One system, many benefits.

11 advantages of Gear Tronic

  • Transmission flushing and fluid change through dip stick guide tube, transmissionor transmission fluid cooler.
  • Additive tank separate from unit.
  • High fluid replacement accuracy.
  • Unit includes two independent scales.
  • Fluid type change: Less than 100 ml remain in unit.
  • Flow direction is detected and changed automatically.
  • Automatic system flushing mode.
  • Universal and vehicle-specific adapters for simple connection to vehicle transmission fluid system.
  • Patented bypass circuit for protection of vehicle in event of a power failure.
  • All connections equipped with check valves.
  • Pumping rate 10 l/min.

Application videos

Chapter 1: Automatic transmission fluid change cooler mode

Chapter 4: Emptying the new fluid tank

Chapter 2: Automatic transmission fluid change dipstick mode

Chapter 5: Calibrating the scale

Chapter 3: Emptying the used fluid tank

Chapter 6: Filling the reference sample