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Gear Tronic II

Automatic transmission fluid service with Gear Tronic II

The use of modern automatic transmissions and semi-automatic transmissions in vehicles is becoming increasingly common. They ensure that the engine always runs within an ideal range of efficiency. However, the increasing complexity of the transmission control introduced by increasing the gear shifts from 5 to 9 and extending the transmission steps with Comfort, Sport, Winter and so on has also increased the performance demands made on the transmission. This in turn is noticeable due to the huge thermal and mechanical demands placed on the transmission fluid. The result is an increase in wear and tear and therefore an increase in maintenance requirements.

If the transmission fluid is not changed in good time, the dirt and metallic abraded matter could cause costly mechanical damage in the gearbox. That’s why manufacturers of transmission fluids – and increasingly vehicle manufacturers as well – recommend transmission fluid changes, depending on mileage and driving style. The same applies for so-called “lifetime fluids”.

Previously, it simply wasn’t possible to effect a complete change in lubrication, since it was inevitable that the new fluid was contaminated with the remains of the old fluid – a problem that is now history thanks to Gear Tronic II. That’s because the automatic transmission fluid service device allows the fluid to be replaced virtually 100 percent without the new fluid mixing with the old. It’s the only way to ensure that the new fluid is able to work to its full performance. A further advantage is that because it uses automatic processes, Gear Tronic II stops expensive mistakes from happening and prevents overfills or underfills. The device is therefore the perfect all-round solution for flushing, carrying out transmission fluid changes and adding additives – easily, quickly and reliably.