The billion campaign

Global investment in your success! The billion campaign!

Use our billion figure advertising power for your business!

In the last quarter of 2018 we are launching a best brand online campaign worth millions! As part of the "billion figure" we will display advertising banners for 30 days across all relevant websites – combined with the prize draw of 3 dream vacations with an exclusive MotoGP visit.

Use our advertising campaign for your sales push!

All of our partners and customers benefit from a unique brand presence during the campaign. And do so for free! As we take care of the entire implementation, programming of the campaign site and execution of the prize draw! So you can look forward to this combined advertising power and pass on this good news!

Thanks to the massive publicity of our mega campaign, the demand for our lubricants, additives, care products and service products will rapidly increase. It is down to you to prepare yourself today and to convert the high demand for LIQUI MOLY products into your sales.

Participating countries with website link

Best Brand material in one link 

Online display ads in 49 languages

Open data of Ads in high resolution (420mb)

We wish you a lot of fun and success with this new advertising campaign dimension!