• 06/02/2023

Stronger, better, quieter


With LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec you will revive your motor

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec gasoline was specially developed for acceleration in the part-load range and is therefore ideally suited to the everyday use of vehicles, which are often accelerated from the lower speed range. Acceleration creates joy again!

More driving fun thanks to better combustion

Speed Tec gasoline accelerates the combustion process. Thanks to the higher combustion pressure the motor has a greater performance. It cleans the fuel cycle and protects it against corrosion. The metallic components are better lubricated and combustion residue is carried away.

The optimised performance output means more driving fun for you, the motor starts better and runs more quietly. The can contents ist sufficient for up to 70 l fuel and can simply be added every time you refuel. Of course, LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec is also available as a diesel variant.

LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec is suitable for all two and four-stroke motors and is both turbo and catalytic converter tested. It is particularly well-suited to continuous use with every refuelling.

Try it for yourself: LIQUI MOLY Speed Tec will revive your motor, too!

Speed Tec Gasoline

  • contains no organometallic compounds
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • optimizes engine performance
  • improves acceleration
  • does not influence the octane number
  • better drivability

Speed Tec Diesel

  • suitable for diesel particulate filters
  • contains no organometallic compounds
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • reduces frictional losses
  • improves acceleration
  • cleans the injection system
  • better drivability
  • does not influence the cetane number
  • higher performance gain