Perfectly prepared for the new motorcycling season


Stop hibernating! Get out and enjoy your bike with LIQUI MOLY Motorbike

With LIQUI MOLY you start perfectly prepared for the new motorcycle season

Low temperatures and fog have made way, warming sunlight heats up the atmosphere. Nature and humans are injected with new energy. By now you are having that tingling feeling in your accelerator hand. For motorcycling aficionados this feeling is like a resurrection. However, beloved motorcycles also need something to bring their technology and looks back to life after having hibernated for several months. Our comprehensive MOTORBIKE range provides the ideal solution for any application – making sure the first ride out will mark a smooth start into a fascinating and safe season!

To the motorbike range

Motorbike Engine Flush

  • simple to use
  • highly economical
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • long engine service life
  • does not attack common sealing materials
  • restores the engine to its original performance
  • cleaning and care

Motorbike Oil Additive

  • absolutely compatible with filters
  • compatible with fine filters
  • suitable for wet clutches
  • highly economical
  • tested for the use with catalytic converters
  • smooth engine running
  • miscible with all commercially available motor oils
  • reduces running-in and operating wear
  • reduces oil and fuel consumption

Motorbike Chain and Brake Cleaner

  • absolutely free of chlorine
  • removes oil and grease-based contaminants
  • low surface tension
  • leaves no residues
  • high proportion of active components
  • controlled evaporation free of residues
  • dissolves resin and tar-type residues
  • optimum penetration capacity
  • optimizes economical use

Motorbike Chain Lube white

  • excellent penetration action
  • excellent adhesion
  • especially cold, hot and splash-water resistant
  • outstanding corrosion protection
  • highest load-carrying capacity
  • friction and wear reducing
  • resistant to acceleration forces
  • reduces chain elongation

Motorbike Visor Cleaner

  • simple to use
  • assures a clear view and safety
  • prevents helmet visors from misting up

Motorbike Helmet Interior Cleaner

  • removes bacteria
  • provides a fresh and pleasant fragrance
  • removes musty smells
  • forms a protective film

Motorbike Multispray

  • does not attack plastics, paints, metals and wood
  • dissolves rust
  • lubricates and maintains
  • releases dirt
  • silicone-free
  • drives out moisture

Motorbike Cleaner

  • biologically degradable
  • high washing and cleaning efficiency
  • fast acting
  • releases dirt, oil and grease residues
  • rapid and effective cleaning
  • protects the environment