Windshield repair and replacement

Repair glass damage professionally and economically

Professional laminated glass repair system for stationary use in a handy case

  • Stone chip damage or cracks in the windshield can be repaired quickly, cleanly and safely
  • Cost-effective alternative for the customer
  • Profitable service for workshops and dealerships
  • The simple setup of the system guarantees an easy and secure operation.
  • A detailed and easy to understand operating manual describes every necessary step.

Laminated Glass Repair System Case, Truck/Car

Professional system for repairing laminated glass. The toolbox contains all tools needed for professional laminated glass repair on commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. The individual tools are all of high quality and extremely durable. The overpressure and underpressure required for repair is created in this system with a pressure/vacuum pump.

The simple design of the system ensures safe and easy operation. Thanks to the high-quality and extremely low-viscosity repair resin, even the finest cracks are reliably filled. Even stone chip damage with fragmentation on the surface or heavily soiled impact point can be repaired perfectly with this system, as a mini-drill is also included for drilling out the impact point. The seal of the large resin chamber has an internal diameter of 9.5 mm and is therefore suitable for large-scale stone chip damage, as often seen on HGVs and buses. The large resin chamber is also ideal for stone chippings with two impacts close together. The resin chamber is designed to work equally well on flat and upright glass panes.

The 125 mm suction cup on the base unit is securely fastened with just a few strokes from the built-in vacuum pump.

The sturdy light alloy arm can be moved and pivoted so that the resin chamber can be positioned effortlessly and precisely over the impact point.