1. How it works:

  • LIQUI MOLY supports the workshops in financing high-quality equipment.
  • Repayment of the loan (term 2, 3 or 5 years) is conveniently made via a regular quarterly statement.
  • The prerequisite is the conclusion of a loan and collateral pledge agreement with the setting of a sales target.

2. From offer to contract:

  • The responsible LIQUI MOLY Area Manager will work with you on site to determine the financing requirements and the necessary key data.
  • We will prepare an individual financing offer for you immediately and you can then decide.
  • After purchase and presentation of the paid invoice, LIQUI MOLY will reimburse you for the net value of the workshop equipment.

3. How the billing works:

  • Your respective quarterly sales will be requested from the responsible retailer.
  • We issue the quarterly statement and automatically charge the invoice amount by direct debit from the specified bank account.
  • You will receive regular written information about the invoices and the amount of the remaining loan.