Wellness for engines

Four steps to a clean injection and combustion system for diesel and gasoline motors

Keep clean that which should be kept clean: The desire of almost every vehicle owner. Particularly when it comes to parts that are decisive for performance, consumption, emission values, and the durability of the vehicle. This is no problem with LIQUI MOLY. After all, these four steps or products are like wellness for the motor.

For a clean injection system

The Injection Cleaner or the Super Diesel Additive are ideally suited to ensuring a clean injection system in your vehicle.

With the Injection Cleaner dirt and deposits are removed from the fuel, injection and combustion system. Simply pour this additive into the fuel tank. Every time the motor is running, the ingredients dissolve deposits on the injection nozzles. This means the gasoline is once again finely atomized, combusts more cleanly and less residue is created. Of course, such a product is also available for diesel, namely as the Super Diesel Additive.

For a cleaner motor:

MotorClean is ideal for very good motor purging.

Use our MotorClean. This additive is added to the old oil just before it is changed. Its ingredients dissolve sludge and deposits which are then discharged together with the old oil. How? By adding MotorClean to the previous motor oil, when warm, before an oil change. Then let the motor idle for 10 to 15 minutes and subsequently carry out the oil and oil filter change.

The blood of your vehicle: The right motor oil

With our Oil Guide you can always find the right motor oil for your vehicle.

The motor is the heart of your car. Motor oil is its blood. But not all oil is the same. With the rapid development of motors, the requirements of the oil are also on the rise. Nowadays, it has to be able to do a lot more than just lubricate and cool: it also has to work at high temperatures and pressures. It has to clean the motor of combustion residues, abrasions, acids, water and fuel particles. It has to protect the motor against corrosion and guarantee its impermeability. Modern motor oils are high-tech products specially designed for certain car models – essentially tailor-made replacement parts. That's why car manufacturers only give their approval to selected oils. Which these are can be seen in our oil guide.

The "lifeblood": The right additive

Thanks to these LIQUI MOLY products you can ensure a clean injection and combustion system.

This very important "lifeblood" of your vehicle is rounded off by the addition of the right additive. Because additives are like vitamins for your car. with LIQUI MOLY additives you protect your motor, reduce your fuel consumption and save cash. Our oil additives clean the motor from the inside, minimize friction and wear, reduce oil consumption and protect against corrosion. They are suitable for both petrol and diesel motors and help to recreate the original performance of your vehicle motor. You can find out which oil additive is best-suited to your vehicle here.