Standstill is a foreign word in Iraq

The Autoland Company not only has a good nose for business, but is also socially active

Umed Amadi, Zerewan Hussein, and Daldar Arif Fattah from Iraqi partner the Autoland Company visiting the Deputy Export Manager Salvatore Coniglio (right) and LIQUI MOLY colleagues in Ulm.

In our part of the world, the Middle East and particularly Iraq are synonymous with news of violent conflicts. The fact that this country is far more than a trouble spot, in which everyday life also takes place, is underlined by the longstanding business relationship between LIQUI MOLY and the Autoland Company. Their management visited Ulm. Shocking images from the IS-occupied city of Mosul in northern Iraq went around the world. Only a few weeks after its liberation is the rebuilding beginning and, slowly, something resembling normality is setting in. LIQUI MOLY products contribute towards the economy and transportation, which are getting going again, work seamlessly.

The Autoland Company is offering rebuilding aid and investing in the region. "It is important for us to work together with strong partners such as LIQUI MOLY," says CEO Daldar Arif Fattah. In Ali Alsarraj and Saif Quaba we have found two businessmen with whom we can tackle this task in Mosul. If the cooperation pays off, we see big opportunities in the entire region." The Autoland Company understands there is potential to be unlocked not just in the north, but across the entire country. That's why Iraq has for many years been one of the most successful LIQUI MOLY markets worldwide.

"Despite difficult circumstances, the Autoland Company is able, again and again, to recognize opportunities and to advance the LIQUI MOLY brand," says Deputy Export Manager Salvatore Coniglio. "Together with its network of passionate wholesalers, the exclusive importer is able to supply the entire country of Iraq." In order to further optimize this, distribution was recently adjusted. Now the goods are delivered directly to the stores, without having to be diverted to the central storage depot in Dohuk in the north of the country. Also, the sales channels are being diversified: In future, selected LIQUI MOLY products will even be available in supermarkets. In order to additionally motivate the local dealers, the most successful five dealers will win an incentive trip in July 2018.

The Autoland Company not only has a good nose for business, but is also socially active. The company supports a team of swimmers with physical handicaps, which is taking part in the Asian championships.

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