Special cars and naked skin

LIQUI MOLY publishes its 2018 erotic calendar – and two further wall calendars

October 2017 – Special cars and naked skin – this is the field in which the 2018 erotic calendar of German motor oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY finds itself, which is being published now. The pictures were taken at the Hamann tuning garage. Hamann ensured that the models had to share the spotlight with unique cars.

There is a long-standing and close cooperation between the oil manufacturer and tuning garage. Both companies are only half an hour apart. The pictures for the calendar were taken in the summer. It took one week for all the pictures to be taken. A particularly "long" calendar was the result, which already begins in December and comprises 13 months.

Alongside the actual erotic calendar there is another disarmed version that shows less naked skin. The special part is: this girls calendar shows the same themes as the erotic calendar, alongside one with more textiles. Those who think the beauties are simply taking the spotlight away from the cars are better served with the motorsports calendar by LIQUI MOLY, which shows racing in all its facets - on two wheels, on four wheels and even on the water.

The erotic calendar is an exclusive present for the business partners of LIQUI MOLY. But it is also possible to obtain a copy as a private individual. Several calendars are going onto the open market and can be ordered in the LIQUI MOLY team shop at http://www.liqui-moly-teamshop.de/ (shipment only within the EU).

Note to editorial teams: We are happy to make a few copies available for prize draws. If you are interested, please get in touch.

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