Reduce operating costs with the use of additives

LIQUI MOLY offers huge savings potential to fleet operators in particular

July 2016 – A clean engine requires less fuel and causes fewer problems. Keeping it that way is the job of the additives by LIQUI MOLY from Germany. With them the operating costs of fleets can be significantly reduced. This is not only proven by lab tests, it's proven by practice.

Dirk Sauer runs a trucking firm in Germany. His trucks are already running with motor oil by LIQUI MOLY. The next thing he wanted to try was the additives. For this he chose the stationary Volvo truck engines of his thermal power station. Sometimes these engines run 24 hours at a stretch at maximum load. "We were able to reduce consumption from 75 liters per hour down to 72," says Dirk Sauer. "We save nearly 2,160 liters of fuel per month. Good for our pocketbook and good for the environment."

The second saving effect is the reduced maintenance costs and shorter downtimes. "Due to the high loads, we had to replace the expensive injectors every year," says Dirk Sauer. "Since we have been using LIQUI MOLY we have had no more damages or faults with the expensive injectors."

Particularly major savings potential is on offer here for fleet operators in particular. Consumption reduced by four percent means tens of thousands of euros saved each year in fuel costs. The additional expenditure for the additive is already taken into account in this figure. Plus, further costs for repairs and unplanned downtimes are also eliminated. If the fleet is already a little older or the diesel quality is not particularly good, then the savings effect is even greater.

How does that work? The Super Diesel additive by LIQUI MOLY does the engine good in a number of ways. Firstly, it cleans the injection system: It removes deposits from the sensitive injectors and prevents new ones from forming. The fuel is atomized finely once again and combusts particularly efficiently. Secondly, it lubricates the injectors and thereby increases their service lives. Thirdly, it increases the cetane number: This allows the combustibility of the fuel to improve and the engine runs more quietly and economically. Fourthly, and finally, it protects the entire fuel system against corrosion.

Super Diesel additive is also available in bulk packs of up to 205 liter barrels as well as concentrate for fleet operators. This reduces the costs per liter and makes the use of the Super Diesel additive particularly economical. And this means the additive can also be used in your own gas station. This eliminates the difficult handling of the cans during fueling. And it ensures that absolutely every one of your vehicles benefits from the additive.

LIQUI MOLY GmbH from Ulm in South Germany offers a wide range of high-quality products such as motor oils, additives, vehicle care products and service products. The range includes some 4000 items. LIQUI MOLY develops and tests their products in their own laboratories, manufactures exclusively in Germany and markets all of their products themselves. LIQUI MOLY was founded some 50 years ago and is now one of the leading companies in the industry. The products are sold in Germany and in 120 other countries. 

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