Collaboration between LIQUI MOLY and Betamotor

The oil producer and the motorcycle manufacturer are extending their cooperation

March 2019 – German oil specialist LIQUI MOLY is continuing its collaboration with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Betamotor. Since 2014, all the motorcycles coming off the production line at the Beta plant have had LIQUI MOLY oil in their engine. The two companies have now decided to extend their cooperation to at least 2021. “In this way we intend to carry forward our success story in the motorbike segment,” says Carlos Travé, who is responsible at LIQUI MOLY for motorcycle trade.

Among the oldest motorcycle manufacturers still producing, Betamotor is an established name in trial and enduro. At the Enduro Grand Prix, for example, Steve Holcombe rode a Beta to win the world championship title in the last two years. In addition to the initial filling for Beta motorbikes in production, LIQUI MOLY also supports the Beta factory team.

The company offers a whole series of oils designed specially for motorcycles: for two-stroke and four-stroke engines, for scooters and racing bikes, for street bikes and for off-road bikes. You can use the free oil guide at to find out in just a few clicks which oil is suitable for which motorcycle. But LIQUI MOLY not only offers oils: its program also includes additives, care products, service products and much more that is geared specifically towards motorcycles. “Our extensive product range with nearly a hundred chemical products for motorcycles is what set us apart,” explains Carlos Travé.

“All our oils made in Germany,” says Travé. “This quality is something that not just Betamotor relies on but also the riders at the international motorcycle championships Moto2 and Moto3. They all run on LIQUI MOLY.“

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