African warmth in the European winter

LIQUI MOLY presents its 2020 erotic calendar

September 2019 – Arouses wanderlust: the LIQUI MOLY erotic calender for 2020. This time it was shot in South Africa. Another special feature is that the calendar has 24 images instead of twelve, so that you get to flip over the pages every two weeks. “The images from Africa are aimed at warming the heart when winter arrives in Europe,” says Ernst Prost, Managing Director of the German oil and additive specialist.

In the past, LIQUI MOLY had already designed annual calendars for 13 or 14 months rather than just twelve pictures. But the LIQUI MOLY calendar has never been as comprehensive as in 2020.

The pictures were taken in South Africa, not far from the Kruger National Park. It took a whole week for all the pictures to be shot. For the 2016 calendar, the photos had also been taken in South Africa, but then in a workshop and a car dealership. This time, the photoshoot was in a natural setting.

It remains an erotic calendar, but it is more discreet than it used to be. “The photographs are tasteful and aesthetic. Not cheap, but also not artificial or overdone,” is how Ernst Prost describes the motifs. “Our intent is to convey a little wanderlust to our customers.”

The print run of 160,000 copies will be sent primarily to business partners. A few copies can also be purchased in LIQUI MOLY’s team shop (shipment only within the European Union).

For those who prefer painted metal to naked skin, there is also LIQUI MOLY’s motorsports calendar. It offers an insight into the wide-ranging activities of the motor oil specialist: Motorbikes, racing cars and trucks, driving on the race track, off road and on water. But motorsport enthusiasts have to be content with fewer motifs: Their calendar has the traditional twelve monthly sheets.


Note for editorial staff

We are happy to make a few copies available for reviews and prize draws. Please contact us if you are interested.

Calendar shooting in South Africa

Motorsports calendar

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