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Intensive Car Cleaner

Removes grease, oil, fuel and other heavy soiling as well as finish rust and flash rust quickly and completely. Intensive Car Cleaner has  excellent wetting and penetration ability and is highly biodegradable.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1546

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Active Foam Cleaner

Highly effective, universal foam cleaner for effective cleaning of a wide range of materials. Effortlessly cleans smooth surfaces without leaving behind streaks or smudges, thanks to the active formula. Due to the foam’s good adherence, also ideally suited for vertical surfaces. 

Tip: Also ideal for cleaning:

  • Mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Upholstery and carpets
  • Mouse and keyboard

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 21277

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Insect Remover

For quick and easy removal of insect remnants. For glass, plastic, paint and chrome. Gently and quickly softens insect soiling. Also ideally suited for pretreating before washing cars. Highly effective and biologically degradable.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1543

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Tar Remover

Highly effective solvent combination for removing resin and tar spots on motor vehicles, campers, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, etc. Tuned for high effectiveness and paint compatibility.

400 ml, PU 6, part no. 1600

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Silicone & Wax Remover

Removes silicone and wax from glass, paint and chrome parts. Cleans car windows and removes wax drops after wax-washing in the car wash. Provides good visibility after washing the car. Creates the right substrate before painting.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1555

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Car Wash & Wax

The quick paint care for in-between. Nourishes, protects and restores the luster in a single step. Effortlessly removes dirt and leaves no lime deposits. Facilitates leathering off and enhances the vehicle’s appearance by intensifying the gloss. Provides reliable protection against weathering and aggressive environmental influences.

1 L, PU 6, part no. 1542

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Paint Cleaner

Removes tar, dirt, grease spots and flash rust. Cleans and polishes. Brings back the original color depth. Evens out minor scratches. Removes soiling and weathered paint particles. Cleans and smooths out the paint. The paint should then be treated with LIQUI MOLY Hard Wax. Suitable for polishing machines.

Tip: Cleans perfectly:

  • Stainless steel grills and sinks
  • Fitness equipment

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1486

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Car Wash Shampoo

For a thorough car wash. Gentle on the paint and gives radiant shine. Uses wash-active agents to remove dust as well as oily and greasy dirt without trace.  Biodegradable.

Tip: Also ideal for cleaning wall tiles

1 L, PU 6, part no. 1545

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Paint Polishing Cream

Cleans, polishes and protects. For radiant shine through carnauba wax. Outstanding protection against damaging environments. Evens out small hairline scratches and restores the finish gloss. Gives the paint a deep shine. Matte paints effortlessly regain their original appearance. Economical consumption due to creamy consistency.

300 g, PU 6, part no. 1532

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Polish & Wax

Cleans, polishes, protects and shines. With outstanding long-term protection. Even protects against harmful environmental influences. For radiant high luster. Cleans, polishes and preserves in a single step. Regular use results in optimal paint care. Suitable for polishing machines.

Tip: Also ideal for maintaining:

  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • High-gloss furniture
  • Bathroom mixer taps

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1467

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Gloss Polish

Cleans, polishes, protects and shines. Freshens up dull paint and lets it shine again. Evens out slight irregularities in the paintwork. Protects the paint from the effects of the weather. Suitable for polishing machines.


Also ideal for maintaining:

  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • High-gloss furniture
  • Sinks

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1436

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Metallic High Gloss

Protects, cares for and seals metallic paints against the effects of the weather. For a radiant shine. With long-term weather protection. Has a rain- and dirt-repellent effect over a long period of time and increases the resistance of the paint to harmful environmental influences. Tiny particles of wax are deposited even in the finest of micro-scratches, which they fill up to leave a perfect paint surface. Suitable for polishing machines.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1424

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Grinding Paste

For easy removal of weathered and dull layers of paint, coarse contamination, paint spray dust, scratches and surface cracks. The treated surfaces can then be painted directly. Silicone-free. Suitable for polishing machines.

300 g, PU 6, part no. 1556

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Hard Wax

Cleans, protects and shines. Liquid hard wax for high-luster sealing. With intensive long-term protection. This high-quality care emulsion protects the paint from aggressive environmental influences. Excellent also for prepared paints (with LIQUI MOLY Paint Cleaner). Provides a mirror-like shine. Suitable for polishing machines.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 1422

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Gloss Spray Wax

A wax with a good cleaning effect and excellent shine. Slight road grime and greasy dirt are removed effortlessly and quickly, without allowing scratches to occur. Exceptionally easy to polish off (like dusting), produces smooth surfaces with high gloss and exceptionally good color depth on all types of paint and enamel. The resulting protective layer compensates minor scratches and protects the paint against the effects of weather.

Tip: Perfect for maintaining high-gloss furniture or pianos

400 ml, PU 12, part no. 1647

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Quick Detailer

Highly effective gloss sealing spray with an innovative protective formula. For quick, easy paint care without polishing. Removes light dirt such as dust or water stains and gives the paint a radiant deep gloss. Seals smooth paints for several weeks and offers excellent water beading effect and long-lasting protection against aggressive environmental influences. Maintains the cleaned finish for a long time and reduces new dirt adhesion. With a pleasantly fruity mango fragrance.

500 ml, PU 6, part no. 21611

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