• 02/04/2019

LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive: The classic against engine wear

Basic physical protection with over 60 years of tradition

LIQUI MOLY Oil Additive was the first product we put on the market. It now features an improved formula. The solid lubricant MoS2 it contains reduces wear, especially on older engines, and improves the durability and function of the components.

  • The MoS2 forms a highly resilient lubricant film on all surfaces subject to friction and movement.
  • It reduces friction and ensures the components run more smoothly.
  • Metal to metal contact is avoided, thereby protecting the engine from wear and tear.


The dosage of Oil Additive should be 3-5% of the oil filling quantity. 

Oil Additive can be used at any time, even between oil changes.
However, care should be taken that the maximum oil filling quantity including additive is not exceeded.

Turbochargers in particular benefit from the properties of Oil Additive, as the solid lubricant MoS2 enhances the emergency running properties.
This always ensures residual lubrication of the turbocharger.



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