Winter is coming: Change the oil in good time and stay on the safe side!

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Have you …

  • Thought of winter tires? Check!
  • Filled up the radiator & windscreen antifreeze? Check!
  • Tested the car battery? Check!
  • Looked at the windscreen wipers? Check!
  • Preserved the car paint? Check!
  • Made sure the motor oil is good to go? …

If an oil warning light comes on when you ask this question, you should act quickly: Use our professional oil service to get your car through the cold season without any problems!

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Frequent short-distance driving? Then don’t wait too long!

In times of lockdowns and working from home, the number of short trips has increased significantly once again. Also with you? Then we strongly recommend having your motor oil checked – even outside the oil change and service intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

The reason: Fuel or condensation can collect in the oil, especially with frequent cold starts. However, if the car is only operated for short distances, the engine never comes up to temperature and has no chance of evaporating the water and gasoline in the oil. Consequently, more and more of this is deposited in the motor oil, which results in premature ageing of the oil and significantly poorer lubrication quality.

And if the temperatures then drop below zero, there is a risk of frost damage to the engine. A professional oil service can help avoid expensive repairs!

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Pro tip:

If you decide to change the oil before winter, it’s worth having an engine flush done right away so that the residues of the used oil are completely removed.

With Motor Clean by LIQUI MOLY, we dissolve sludge and all deposits in the motor and drain them out together with the used oil. Only then are the oil and filter changed. This allows the fresh oil in the clean engine to develop its full performance.

And if you wish, we can provide extra wear protection with Cera Tec from LIQUI MOLY. Optimum service to get you through the winter in the best possible way!

Motor Clean

  • Easy to use
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Neutral towards conventional sealant materials
  • Particulate filter and catalytic converter-tested
  • Reduces emissions
  • Quick and effective cleaning
  • Cleans gently
  • Prevents inadequate lubrication
  • Turbo-tested

Cera Tec

  • Excellent high- and low-temperature behavior
  • Chemically inert
  • Suitable for diesel particulate filters
  • Enhances smooth running
  • Extremely pressure-resistant
  • Compatible with ultra-fine filters
  • Maximum thermal stability
  • No settling
  • Long engine life
  • Can be mixed with commercially available motor oils
  • Optimizes fuel consumption
  • Reduces friction losses
  • Tested for use with turbochargers and catalytic converters