Professional automatic transmission fluid service with LIQUI MOLY

Fuel and intake system cleaning with JetClean Tronic II

  • Does the engine start badly?
  • Does the vehicle jerk?
  • Does the engine misfire or run unevenly?
  • Does the engine check lamp light up?
  • Is the engine lacking power?
  • Has the fuel consumption increased?
  • Are the emission values no longer within limits?

If you are aware of any of these problems, deposits in the fuel system or intake system are often the cause. Our tip: Get the dirt out before it gets really expensive!


Cleaning instead of repair

With professional cleaning of the inside of the engine, we can quickly rectify the problem and protect you from expensive repairs and even engine damage!


Prevention instead of aftercare

Even better: You don’t let problem arise in the first place and treat your engine to a preventive cleaning at every engine check! This keeps your car running smoothly and maintains full performance.

Cleaning the engine ensures …

… optimum combustion

… original performance

… lower fuel consumption

… constant emission values

… lower repair costs

… extended service life

… maximum driving pleasure

We are the “chimney sweep” for your vehicle

You are sure to know this from your home: Your chimney must be cleaned at regular intervals by the chimney sweep, as soot is always produced during combustion. But who will take care of this for your vehicle? Here, too, residues form in the engine during each combustion process, causing highly sensitive

components such as injection nozzles, injectors and valves to become dirty – a problem that is additionally made worse with predominantly short trips, frequent stop-and-go, poor fuel quality or low-rev driving.

To make matters worse, the exhaust gas recirculation systems feed some of the burnt exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. These exhaust gases also form deposits that become so hard over time that they can no longer be removed.

By cleaning the engine regularly – for example at every service – you prevent these problems and the resulting high repair costs. We are your “chimney sweep” and clean the problem areas of your vehicle with a fast and efficient method: the JetClean Tronic II cleaning device from LIQUI MOLY. This allows us to clean the fuel and intake system both individually and at the same time depending on the degree of soiling – with minimum time, but maximum wow effect!

You’ll notice the difference: A clean engine is pure driving pleasure!