Automatic transmission service

Do you drive a vehicle with an automatic transmission?

Then this topic is of particular relevance to you. Automatic transmissions ensure that the engine always operates within its ideal efficiency range. With the rising complexity of transmission control resulting from an increase in the number of gears from 5 to 9, the performance requirements of the transmission are also increasing. This is noticeable in the enormous thermal and mechanical strain on the transmission fluid. The consequence of this is higher wear and therefore increased service requirements.

If the transmission fluid is not changed in time, the dirt and metallic abraded matter it contains can cause costly mechanical damage to the shifting mechanism. This is why their manufacturers and also more and more automotive engineers are making recommendations for changing the transmission fluid depending on mileage and driving style. This also applies to so-called “lifetime fillings”.

However, a complete change of the lubricant was not possible previously, so that contamination of the fresh oil with the remaining used oil was inevitable when the transmission fluid was changed – a problem that is now a thing of the past, thanks to Gear Tronic. This is because the automatic transmission fluid service unit enables an almost 100 percent fluid exchange without mixing new and used oil. Only in this way can the new oil develop its full potential.

Advantages of an automatic transmission fluid change

Optimized shifting behavior
Possible shifting delays and poor shifting, up to the failure of entire gears, are eliminated.

Lower fuel consumption
Early and soft shifting points have a positive effect on fuel consumption.

Less wear
The transmission flushing in combination with additives ensures smoother running and less wear in the gearbox.

Increased service life
Transmission fluid changes are recommended by most manufacturers every 60,000 km or every 4 to 6 years.