• 12/15/2021
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Winter additives: a vitamin boost for engines

We get you safe and sound through the cold season

Super Diesel Additive

The diesel all-rounder for the cold season. Super Diesel Additive removes deposits in the injection system and combustion chamber, as well as preventing their return. After all, clean engines use less fuel and reduce emissions. The additive maintains all components of the diesel injection system, and it prevents baking and resin-bonding of the jet needles. It also increases the cetane number and improves the ignition properties of the diesel fuel. Super Diesel Additive ensures the engine runs smoothly while also protecting the entire fuel system from corrosion and wear-and-tear. Last but not least, it optimizes the engine’s exhaust emissions and overall performance capacity. 

Injection Cleaner

A vitamin boost for petrol engines: Injection Cleaner removes deposits on injection nozzles, intake valves, spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, and it prevents new deposits from forming. It also takes care of starting problems and erratic engine running. What is more, the fuel additive provides maintenance for all components of the petrol injection system. In addition to protecting the entire fuel system, it improves accelerator response and compression, too. Injection Cleaner optimizes the engine’s exhaust emissions and overall performance capacity. 

Diesel Flow Fit

Diesel problems in the winter are well-known: when it gets too cold, the fuel clogs. The cause is paraffin, a wax found in diesel. It's not a problem in the summer. But in the cold the fluid wax turns solid. It crystallizes, and the crystals block the fuel filter. Then the engine stops receiving fuel and comes to a standstill. So take the appropriate precautions and make sure your engine stays fit – even in the icy cold: Diesel Flow Fit increases the flow and filtering capacity of diesel fuel. It makes diesel winter-proof down to a temperature of -31 °C (depending on the quality of the diesel). The additive ensures the operational reliability of all diesel-powered engines at low temperatures. Don't forget: you will only achieve the optimum effect by putting the additive into the fuel tank before the fuel starts to clog. Be sure not to store Diesel Flow Fit in the car.

mtx Carburettor Cleaner

In the cold season, a vitamin boost is crucial for both vintage cars and modern classics. mtx Carburettor Cleaner increases engine performance capacity and protects the entire fuel system from corrosion during the winter break. It also removes deposits in the carburettor, on valves and spark plugs and in the combustion chamber, as well as preventing new deposits from forming. Using the carburettor cleaner saves fuel. One point is especially relevant to those who continue to drive their vintage cars or modern classics in the winter: mtx Carburettor Cleaner prevents the carburettor from icing over. 

Putting cars into storage

If you wish to put your car into storage over the winter you should consider giving it extra “vitamins” too. The following products are especially suitable for this purpose:

Fuel Stabilizer

An important area of application for Fuel Stabilizer is decommissioning vintage cars, convertibles, motorcycles, scooters, quads, lawn mowers, chainsaws and other 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. It has a long-term preservation effect and protects fuel from aging and oxidation. Corrosion is prevented throughout the entire fuel system. 

Anti-Bacteria Diesel Additive

If moisture gets into the fuel, bacteria can spread rapidly. If mold or bacteria get into the vehicle along with fuel or water and reach the interface between the water and the diesel fuel, the living conditions for them there are ideal. The microorganisms can bring the entire engine circuit to a standstill. “Diesel pest” and “diesel sludge” are terms commonly used to refer to this problem. Anti-Bacteria Diesel Additive is a highly effective biocide which offers a broad range of action against bacteria, yeasts and mold. The biocide agent does not create any corrosive combustion products and has been approved by leading engine manufacturers. It is highly suitable for preventive use in diesel vehicles that have been decommissioned for lengthier periods of time, such as motor homes, passenger cars, construction machinery, commercial vehicles, storage tanks etc. It can also be used to sterilize tank systems that are already infested.