• 04/04/2020
  • Corona-Krise

"When the cannons roar..."

CEO Ernst Prost explains in his circular, why LIQUI MOLY "steps on the gas pedal when everyone else hits the breaks".

Ladies and gentlemen, 

André Kostolany has now been dead for 20 years, but he is still being quoted by the stock market and financial people. I don't even know if it's true and if he really has said this, but this phrase very appropriately describes anti-cyclical behavior in bad times and corresponding strategies, which are equally characterized by courage and confidence. You should buy stocks when the cannons roar - so this so-called statement. 
We are neither financiers nor stock market specialists but entrepreneurs, and the approach of swimming against the tide appeals to me. I've always liked it and we do it in all kinds of crises. When everyone else hits the breaks, we step on the gas pedal. It's not reckless and crazy, but thoughtful and well calculated. Especially for the time after the crisis. People will make up for everything they've missed out on now. Hopefully including an oil change. ;) 

After the financial crisis in 2008, 2009 we came out of the crisis with such an unbelievable speed that hardly anyone could catch up with us. Especially not those who had laid off half of their team or sent them into short-time work. I say it often and gladly: Bad times are good times for good people! Don't laugh, but I've taken my plans and strategies from that time and am actually working exactly according to this blueprint, finally experience has a practical value. 

Now we are doing exactly what we did back then: We're doing our best, we're going new ways, we're trying and experimenting. We continue to work diligently and unwavering! Following the financial crisis we became the market leader in the German oil business. We have not relinquished this position to this day. And I say it out loud: Without the crisis at that time, we would never have been able to overtake our competitors and we will emerge from this crisis as winners! If, contrary to expectations, things don't go quite as smoothly as I plan and we will get wounded - figuratively speaking a severed arm or a gouged out eye - as this may happen in a battle, we will still win in the end! But what is even more important, we will not lose or leave anyone behind! I'm confident that we will use this crisis to further increase the distance to our competitors. 

We have always been good in difficult times, now we can show what we are capable of and what the crucial difference between us and others is: first and foremost humanity, social responsibility, prioritizing of secure jobs - on a par with diligence, hands-on crisis management with a view of the horizon, to the goal. We can do crisis management and we are good at leadership. We work and win - and certainly can lose from time to time, but please never lose your sense of humor. Even more important is what we have to maintain forever: Dignity, honor, respect and decency. During successful and even more so in difficult times. With this motto I welcome you into the next week. According to the plan, or rather the drilled out crisis plan, we will start with a double-page advertisement in the "Bild" Newspaper (8 million readers) on Monday and show the rest of the world who is number one and what WE do when the cannons roar. 

I greet you very warmly and wish you a pleasant weekend. 

Ernst Prost