• 06/29/2020
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Unique experiences with LIQUI MOLY Extreme

Escape to Mongolia and LIQUI MOLY present a dream trip that offers countless highlights

LIQUI MOLY EXTREME Offroad Tour - 4x4 adventure trip to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia

No long-distance trip planned for this year? Understandable. All the more reason to want something very special for 2021? Even more understandable!

We have a crystal-clear recommendation: LIQUI MOLY Extreme. This is not just a journey, this is a breathtaking travel experience!

One that you probably won’t forget in a lifetime.

A week of six intensive days on the tracks of Ulaanbaatar through southern Mongolia to the Gobi Desert and back. An unforgettable adventure over 2,000 km guided with a support crew and vehicle!

  • Guided self-drive tour
  • New 4x4 off-road vehicles
  • Varied terrain
  • Crew with tour guide and cook
  • All accommodation and meals included
  • 100% adventure

The Gobi Desert has an extremely diverse and breathtaking landscape. You will drive along rainbow-colored cliffs, rock formations with eagles and vultures, 300-meter-high sand dunes and through gorges which are usually covered with ice even in summer, despite the warm temperatures. On the journey, you will meet authentic nomads of the steppe in their yurt and ride on camels and horses.

So, why wait when there is now an early-bird discount of up to 35% for 2021! 

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And what keeps the vehicles always fit and running under these extreme conditions? Correct, the concentrated product power of the LIQUI MOLY full range. 

Whether  oils, additives, services such as flushing the automatic transmission fluid (Gear Tronic), or vehicle care: If a fleet is to function under extreme conditions, Germany’s most popular lubricant brand comes into play! 

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