• 10/04/2017
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The right quantity to prevent wear

Motorbike MoS2-Shooter from LIQUI MOLY

October 2017 – At the high engine speeds reached by motorcycles, wear protection plays a very special role. Now the German oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY has introduced Motorbike MoS2-Shooter on the market for all those who want to give their bike a little extra protection.

The tube contains precisely the right quantity for the oil tank. The protection provided by Motorbike MoS2-Shooter is based on MoS2. MoS2 is a solid lubricant similar to graphite. It forms a protective coating on the metal surface, preventing direct contact between adjacent metal surfaces in the engine. Motorbike MoS2-Shooter provides reliable lubrication just before starting, before the oil has reached all points in the engine. And it also provides additional protection at high engine loads and in the event of oil loss. It also reduces the friction in the engine in every-day operation. This allows the engine to put more power on the road while using less petrol.

Motorbike MoS2-Shooter enhances operation of two-stroke engines, just as well as four-stroke engines. The MoS2 particles are so minute, that they easily pass through even the finest filters. The additive can also be used in bikes with wet clutches.

The Shooter family from LIQUI MOLY includes additives matched to the petrol and oil volume of motorcycles. The entire contents can be used, leaving no impractical residual quantities to store somewhere. MoS2-Shooter is the fourth member of the Shooter family, which also includes 4T Shooter, a cleaning additive for the petrol system, Speed Shooter, an additive for more power and Engine Flush Shooter, an additive for cleaning the oil circuit.

All shooters come in handy tear-off packaging that can be used as counter display.   What is new is that now four shooters are available in a single counter display.  This way the whole shooter family can be sold using minimum sales space. 

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