• 03/16/2020
  • Company
  • Corona-Krise

The financial corona consolation

In his circular from 16.03.2020 CEO Ernst Prost surprises his colleagues with a 1,000 euro bonus for their great commitment during the Covid-19 crisis.

Dear partners, dear corona-plagued colleagues,

Today, we have largely been able to ensure in all corporate areas that we are mastering this balancing act between preventive health care and continued work. Emergency plans, working from home, non-overlapping shifts, thinned-out offices, and so much more ... In addition to our general precautionary measures, we have also implemented a whole series of individual suggestions, which also came from you. All positions that are vital for the company are and will remain occupied, to secure the continued functioning of our company. For this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am immensely proud of how professionally and well considered you have mastered this crisis, if not catastrophe. All around us, a tremendous amount of things are of course crashing down. There are external conditions to which we can only react as they happen. Every hour, we have to face new challenges and circumstances that seemed unimaginable just a few days ago. Governments and authorities are issuing regulations and taking action seemingly minute-by-minute ... This is also a kind of epidemic that we have to face.

Nevertheless, I see that we in our LIQUI MOLY / Meguin family are still cool and calm, with clear ideas about our crisis management. That is a great achievement. Naturally, the impact will keep us on our toes for a long time, will be stressful, and will also consume a lot of money. But it is very gratifying to see how we come closer together in such a situation, do our work unwaveringly and pull together in solidarity. Oh yes, the LIQUI MOLY / Meguin family is a really effective team!

Now, I can imagine that the current circumstances are not only time-consuming for you, but also involve additional financial expenditure. As a token of our appreciation, allow me to give you an extra € 1000 gross with your next salary payment – to a certain extent, as a financial corona consolation! A small thank you for your untiring commitment to our common cause. And please also allow me to make a little joke: “Do not go out and buy even more toilet paper with this money!” ;-) Stay healthy; your loved ones need you – as does the company!